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  1. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    If Arsenal realised they were in a title race' date='they would blow up :D[/quote']

    :D:D My thoughts exactly! Been pondering that possibility for the last hours, at the same terrified about it. Let's not say the T word please[YOUTUBE][/YOUTUBE]...

    Hope we can finish 3rd this year, would be nice to avoid the play off's for a change

  2. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    If we do indeed lose tomorrow night' date=' which we will, I can offer some crumb of comfort to Arsenal fans. Tony will receive an absolute avalanche of abuse from me. I've been storing it up.[/quote']

    Arsenal will win though, you should consider divulging some of that abuse anyway..

  3. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    Expect nothing but a victory from Arsenal today' date=' even if Sanchez is unavailable.

    We can move up to 5th place and go into the Spurs game with 2 pts. advantage.[/quote']

    Wow wow, go easy on the horses! This is Arsenal gotta go to every game expecting the lowest possible:p

  4. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    Not sure we need him tbh. I would only sign a striker in the summer if there of top quality. Theres only 4 or 5 out there. These are the ones that spring to my mind who are of top quality standard (not saying they're for sale):

    1. Luis Suarez

    2. Karim Benzema

    3. Gonzalo Higuain

    4. Alexandre Lacazette (on fire atm)

    5. Edinson Cavani (not sure about him tbh)

    From that list, I would only like Suarez better then Mandzukic ;)

  5. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    Hope Hughes can deliver for you. Wollscheid was caught out of his depth against a rampant Arsenal today' date=' but i still think thats a magical little signing and he will do very well in the hole for you. Hopefully you can get a striker with some pace and skill instead of the endless CF stoke stylings of the past. Someone with a hunger and workrate to move the defence around could create the chances you need. man marking Crouch is not a big challenge for anyone and its not gonna stretch any defensive shape.[/quote']

    I disagree on this point, Wollscheid never really evolved since his debut times at Leverkusen. The recurrent mistakes in his initial times were attributed to his early age but as time went on they kept occurring. Last season, he began not starting games and now he was sold away...

    Don't know about the expectations people at Stoke have about him, but Maybe abroad at a mid table EPL team he can find some maturing chance.

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