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  1. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Yeah' date=' we were definitely considered one of the best teams in England in 2005. With the likes of Djimi Traore, Igor Biscan, Neil Mellor, and Florent Sinama-Pongolle striking fear into the hearts of the opposition.[/quote']

    Sami Hyppia, Daniel Agger, Jon-Arne Riise, Xabi Alonso Gerrard, Luis Garcia, Dietmar Hamman, Vladimir Smicer, Fernando Morientes, Milan Baros, Kewell, Djibril Cissé.........

    Not only in England but Europe I would dare say !

  2. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    Only chance that Wenger could lose his job' date='is if Arsenal do not finish top 4.Now I reckon the Mancs and Chelsea will finish above them,but I still expect Arsenal to finish above the others..[/quote']

    I'm sick of this fourth place fairy tale. Got to the point where I'm wishing we finish seventh in Order for renovation to take place

  3. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    I know. I'm deeper then Paris Hilton.

    People will probably think we're stupid discussing Wenger's successor and that he's a certainty to stay til the end of this contract. Well' date=' i'd suggest things are different to the last time this came up. Reason? He chucked serious money at the squad last summer. He got away with it before but he himself has set another level of expectations and he's failing to meet them dismally.[/quote']


    I'm relatively young and have no memory of Arsenal under other manager, plus he has done incredible things through the years he is an idol to me and always will.

    But since two seasons ago, and with increasingly better resources the team is stagnant and nowhere near competitive. Arsenal's wage bill is currently higher than Chelsea's yet the squad has 0 DM's and only 1 world class CB.

    The team concedes incontinently every game and that reflects in its confidence and nervousness going forward.

  4. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    It does seem the perfect fit for both Arsenal & especially Klopp. Even though Rafa would be a tactical upgrade & he impressed me with Chelsea I could see him being a disaster at Arsenal as his personality is all wrong to follow Wenger. This Arsenal squad need a kick up the arse from a young & fiery manager with fresh ideas.

    My thoughts exactly

  5. Re: Official Arsenal Thread


    Resorted to this crap to bringing some inner serenity. Hopefully it'll rain tonight so i can stand outside and stare at the night sky. Not felt this abject since the CL final.

    That is one beautifull mental portrait you drew in my mind. Standing outside in the rain cradeled by orinoco flow

  6. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread

    Name the worst ballhandler of the following group - of our starting AMs (CLR)

    Hazard' date=' Fabregas, Oscar, Willian, Schurrle

    At this point I'm just kind of frustrated when ball gets to Schurrle since our attacks die with him.[/quote']

    Schürrle is a much more direct player that the others you mentioned, he will therefore make more risky decisions.

  7. Re: The Politics Thread

    What country do you live in' date=' mate? :eek:

    Our governments care 0 about equality and our population's well being. Our politicians are sellouts.[/quote']

    I disagree: when for the last 40 years you had 100% of the time Governments run by of Socialist parties (PS and PSD), plus high representations of Stalinists (PCP) and Trotskists (BE) in parliament, you in all honesty won't be able to claim our governments cared 0 about equality, it's actually been their main drive in policies through times.

    That remark "all politicians are sellouts" I just can't endorse, I think that's a very dangerous generalization/claim - our political class sure is below average in quality when you consider certain countries but I won't classifiy them all as sellouts...

    We have huge deficit' date=' because we wasted EU funds on highways and bailing out the stunts[/b'] (yes, stunts, so I don't call it what it really is) of greedy bankers and politicians, who were and still are involved with them.

    Sorry Pedro, you're not making sense here, I assume you're talking about the budget deficit: so you say it is high because the EU funds were wasted - the fact that they were wasted would at least generate zero return on investment from them, not generate public budget deficit. What generated the public deficit was, as I've been saying, the consecutive excessive drive for State intervention and welfare protection by well intentioned governments.

    Those bailouts of banks you refer, I agree with you. Certain Banks have been incurring in very risky activities through the last decades sometimes jeopardizing their main function in society which is guaranting depositants money - that's an issue not only in Portugal but in the US and Europe aswell.

    And greedyness drives the economy and welfare forward?! :eek::eek::eek: You've been watching a lot of Fox News' date=' my friend. :D Yes, greedy people care a lot about others - they use their money to pay their employees (if they're CEOs) decent salaries, rather than keeping a huge part for themselves, while the employees are the ones responsible for the vast majority of the work. :o

    Greedy people don't usually evade taxes or put their money in Swiss banks or in accounts in the Cayman Islands, too. :rolleyes:[/quote']

    Aha it's funny I think I've never watched Fox News nor any of the Channels of the Fox Corporation:D. Should I fell offend by your assumption!?

    Regarding the high CEO wages and their so called employed slavers, well, if that is so true and schocking, what's keeping those opressed workers to go ahead and become CEO's themselves, when the pay rise would be so much better.......?

    I'll speak for myself, I would certainly love to become a CEO, but I just think that I would suck at it, given the age/skill level I currentle stand at :rolleyes::rolleyes:

  8. Re: The Politics Thread

    Indeed' date=' + the "Yes" campaign deserved a far better leader than Salmond. :o

    But come on Stu, financial institutions (banks, rating agencies, etc) only $ee money. They're far from being humanitarian entities, you know. :D

    If they were always so concerned about people's well being, they wouldn't just use tax payer money to bail them out, after their constant greedy members' stunts. In Portugal for instance, we see that all the time. :([/quote']

    Why shouldn't they by greedy, it's greed that drives business forward and consequently the general welfare. Scotland based businessman were just providing adequate information to voters so they could better decide on the polls, which is far more than the Yes campaing ever did.B)

    And Pedro, with all respect, what I see Portugal is not business men pulling stunts (we actually have a high deficit in energetic business men). What I see are consecutive governments through the years consisting of certainly very well intentioned people thinking they should decide what's best for the economy based on their self-convinced higher patterns of morality/Humanitarianism/love for equality.

  9. Re: The Politics Thread

    Same here. I'm honestly sick off those who falsely refute your arguments (mainly on sensationalistic canards) by ignoring the facts because it contradicts their own personal views.

    There's one particular person who's guilty of that (you know who you are' date=' and don't worry, I haven't forgotten about that. I'll reply to your daft post whenever I've recovered from the dose of stupidity that you emitted). To add insult to injury, instead of him trying to refute that statement about the canard, he attacked me posting daftest and slanderous replies that I've ever seen. I feel embarrassed for him. :o

    That's why I haven't been particularly active on this thread (albeit from the latter stages of Israel's assault on the Gaza strip) as there's too much stupidity shown from a few culprits. That and I've got other commitments. I'll reply to those posts once I've got a good amount of free time on my hands.

    I'm also sick of those coming up with false claims to back their own personal views, like that guy I mentioned above, and also this person below, who argued with a debunked narrative and who seems to generalise a lot.

    I see you have trouble reading. Let me explain it bit by bit since you've demonstrated you profound reading skills (or did you post this despite knowing you were wrong because of your own personal views?).

    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday - These are weekdays. Saturday and Sunday are weekends. The day after Friday is Saturday (jeez, even a 5 year old knows that :o), which as I mentioned before, is the weekend. Therefore, that ridiculous claim you posted is false.

    Besides, there was no mention that the alleged abuser stood among a crowd of anti-Nazi supporters. It actually stated that he was walking through the town center. That's why the BBC didn't report this canard of yours because it didn't happen IRL. It probably did in your very own cuckoo-land where every Ukrainian is a Nazi, every Muslim hates the west and Hamas uses human shields.. I know you don't like the BBC (neither do I) but for crying out loud, don't accuse them of being biased just because they didn't report something that happened in your own world but not in IRL. :o

    Anyway I find that story hard to believe. Why didn't she go to the police to report the crime when 'The Jay Inquiry' was published instead of confronting him drunkenly on a Friday night? It doesn't make sense. :confused: Surely that's the more logical and safe option.

    Also I find it quite baffling that the EDL are quick to protest against any sort of pedophilic crimes perpetrated by Muslims but it's ironic that one of their founding members is a convicted pedophile and there's a number of cases where EDL members have been convicted of CSE, grooming offences etc. I don't see them protesting that.


    On another note, I'm fed up of this sensationalistic reporting about Muslims. It's just downright Islamophobia. If these reports were about another religion (let's say Judaism), about a particular race or even about someone's sexual preference, it'd be rightly criticised for being anti-Semitic, racist and homophobic. Nobody would tolerate it but because it's about Muslims, we can be sensationalistic as Islamophobia is unfortunately considered to be part of the norm. I haven't seen the religion, race or sexual orientation of Jimmy Saville, Stuart Hall, Rolf Harris, Cyril Smith being mentioned in any of the reports outlining their heinous crimes.

    Another thing that I hate is deducing a person is a Muslim because of his South Asian, Arab etc heritage. There's people of other faith or beliefs from these regions you know. :rolleyes: Besides, how do you know they were Muslim gangs? No official data exists on religious background of perpetrators of this form of child abuse. It's been stated in the 'The Jay Inquiry' that there's no link between cultural or religious background and CSE (the Chief Crown Prosecutor of the CPS in the North West also said the same thing as well as a number of child protection charities). She also pointed across the UK, white British men are the biggest CSE perpetrators (IIRC, the figure was 82% according to the ONS). But (extreme) right-wing lunatics like yourself completely ignore it and go on about "Muslims this" and "Muslims that". :rolleyes:

    Just to point out, it was mainly Asian men of Pakistani heritage not immigrants (there's a big difference) who were the perpetrators (although that's been disputed, as well at the figure of 1,400 in this brilliant analysis of "The Jay Inquiry', it's defiantly worth a read). Also the inquiry found no evidence of social care staff being influenced by race (no mentions of schools either), and the fact that it was first ignored, then covered up was because of A) institutional victim blaming and B) because of the far-right lunatics.

    Am a frequent reader of this thread and always disagreed with your posts. This one is actually excellent, bar the Hamas/Gaza bit :P

  10. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    cannot believe you lot didn't get falcao.

    either the guy is deluded' date=' 3rd party owners influence his decisions or wenger is totally out of this world.

    not sure which of these it is, don't know enough about falcao really to make those decisions.

    surely though if he would move to a team thats pretty much mid table with no champions league football he'd have gone to your team, and been pivotal.

    im actually sad for arsenal, he may have been really expensive but him and giroud alternating would have possibly given you a shot at winning the title or at least made it a lot, lot more likely.

    i think its possible to win the title with giroud in the team, but not sanogo.[/quote']

    Or his wages demands were simply astronomical.... After all, United is still a much richer club than Arsenal. And Falcão doesn´t usually go for the competitive (titles) route.

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