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  1. Re: Official Red Devils Thread

    ;2974090']Now its confirmed' date=' Rojo at 16M is a very very questionable buy.

    Go back 12-18months, enquire on Portuguese football and they will all tell you he was a unconvincing player, his Spartak days were dreadful too.

    If your gonna be using him over Smalling/Evans - your in a whole heap of trouble.

    He isnt a natural CB.

    Developed as a AML/LWB as a junior, Sporting moulded him as a LB. Alejandro Sabella worked with him in 2010 and some say he made the WC squad on favouritism and the National Press labelled him the weak link.

    Give him credit, he stepped up in the 4/5 games in Brazil and was seen as a cult hero.

    But his he anywhere near good enough for the Manchester United, let alone one in transition, dare i say, turmoil, IMO i dont think so.

    Tim Vickery is the go to guy on anyone from South America..


    good fox sports read here on him...


    I just find it a very odd move, why on earth isnt Van Gaal recruiting players he knows more about, Daley Blind & il say it again, Nigel De Jong?

    It wasn't only at the WC, he was great all season long with Sporting, playing CB on a four man defense. Fully disagree with Tim Vickery

  2. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread

    Yeah Atletico Madrid are favourites for La Liga too y'know.

    What a ridiculous assumption.

    Chelsea are my favourites this season. They were last year but dropped so many points at similar games to last nights. Can't see that happening again.

    Fully agree.

  3. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread

    Thx for the compliments' date=' NDF!

    Tbh Rafa wasn't particularly inspired against Boavista.

    He's still being used on the wing. :(

    He helped out more than usual, defensively.

    Some good passes here and there, but he isn't in his element on the wing. He never really made the difference in 1 on 1 situations.

    Still 1st game of the season, though.

    PS: I'm launching a petition to end the league tomorrow, if neither Arouca and Estoril pass us on the table. :o

    They're only (far) superior to us in 1 thing: debt. :D

    We're a financially sustainable club btw, unlike the vast majority of Portuguese clubs. ;)[/quote']

    Was actually expecting a big money sale in the summer, namely Rafa or Aderllan or Eder. Still am frankly despite the fact his (Rafa) salary just got raised. :P We got a huge influx of young Brazilian stars with the help of that weird player fund which I know very little about.... But our best player acquisition will be Tiba from Vitória , good game yesterday

    EDIT: Apparently according to Turkish press Ruben Micael out to Besiktas for 4M (Braga has 50% of the player)

  4. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread


    Read all the posts about the Euro U-17 and you will find some information. I will make a post about him when I have time.

    Hoping that Clasie doesn't come, realise the squad would become super strong but that would mean less game time for very exciting players like Ruben Neves, Oliver Torres and/or Evandro, Carlos Eduardo

  5. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread

    Champions: Chelsea

    Champions League: Chelsea City Arsenal United

    Surprise Package: Queens Park Rangers

    League Cup: United

    FA Cup: Everton

    CL Winner: Chelsea

    Relegation Dark Horse: Newcastle United

    Relegation: West Ham, Southampton, Burnley

    Top Goalscorer: Diego Costa

    Most Assists: Hazard

    Most Clean Sheets: Cech/Courtois

    Most Reds: Joey Barton

    Best Signing: Alexis Sanchez

    Best Bargain: No idea

    Biggest Flop: Mangala

    First Manager sacked: Fat Sam

    Best Young player: Calum Chambers

    Bounceback player: Erikssen

  6. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    but he has what it takes to play as centre back. strong' date=' good air and good tackling. so I don't see why he wouldn't be decent back up Centre Back[/quote']

    Not at all, he is in fact tall and strong but his DNA is not CB. He is better with the ball on his feet and in the midfield forward runs, he's best game arises when highly pressured in midflield and manages to find the best pass. He is the perfect midfielder but not a CB I believe.

    Song anyone? His Barca days are over with Rakitic coming and Rafinha joining the first team now

    Hmm not for me thanks, never really liked Song he is very much like Vermaelen way to clumsy in defensive covering and a bit to reckless in tackling. Albeit he was very good in possession

  7. Re: The Politics Thread

    Going through some (mostly leftist) European press on the Gaza situation these days always refers me to the term coined by August Bebel (founder of Social Democracy in the XIX century): "The Socialism of fools".

    Here is some insight:



  8. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread

    And also Cavaleiro to Coruña on loan. Weird stuff going on at Benfica right now...........

    Forgot about Cancelo, this one to Valencia.

    So... three young gems being shipped out to Coruña, Valencia and Monaco. All three clubs with close ties to Superagent Jorge Mendes (rumours reporting that these 3 youngsters coould all be sold to Jorge Mendes for 30M, like André Gomes was some months ago).

    Also rumours that Benfica (mostly via its president LFV) is highly exposed to a recent bankrupcy of a well known Portuguese financial group, thus having trouble to refund short term debt ranking 150M - Benfica has, since January, gathered 100M with the sales of Matic, Rodrigo, Oblak, Siqueira, Markovic, Garay and André Gomes.

    Summer with lots of question marks about SLB.

  9. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    I have a bad feeling we may lose either Padolski or joel campbell :mad:

    I mean look at this padolski' date=' giroud, alexis, walcott, chamberlin, sanogo,carzola, Campbell one of them is going to leaves us. l will be a extremely surprise if the all stayed by the end of transfer windows[/quote']

    What do you mean, you think Wenger will disband one of them?

  10. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    2005: Juventus sign ARSENAL


    Patrick Vieira.

    2006: Juventus MANAGER Fabio



    2007: Barcelona sign ARSENAL


    Thierry Henry.

    2008: Barcelona MANAGER Frank



    2011: Barcelona sign ARSENAL


    Cesc Fabregas.

    2012: Barcelona MANAGER Pep



    2012: Man Utd sign ARSENAL


    Van Persie.

    2013: Man Utd MANAGER



    Louis Van Gaal' date=' if you want to get sacked sign Thomas Vermaelen[/quote']

    Those are some examples of what we in the statistics field call a spurious relation B)

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