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  1. Re: Official World Cup 2014 Thread

    I really think Amorim should start instead of Meireles or JP' date=' he can do both positions in a way that the others doesn't seem to do atm.[/quote']

    Meireles was a bit lost yesterday yes simply runnning after Khedira and Kroos all the game with no purpose, but I think he should continue in the XI we are stronger with him. Agree Amorim should play RB instead of JP but then we would be missing a benched CM..

  2. Re: Official World Cup 2014 Thread

    Play freak'in William C. you stubborn brick!!!!!!

    About Müller, kudos on the performance he had a perfect afternoon in all aspects. I blame Pepe more though, on that. Also, Özil had a great match, had Veloso and the defenders in his pocket.

    All in all, the result was mostly due to horrible individual erros much more than Germany's supposed brilliance. Germany is not so strong in the tournment as some people may be thinking. Portugal actually started the game better before that JP penalty on Götze (it was a penalty).

    Only referee mistake for me was the penalty on Eder, it was clear water.

    Hoping Bento does not read any papers/internet in the next days, he is more concerned in creating atrrition with the press than actually coming up with the best squad. In the press conf on Sunday he was all cocky saying anyone who wanted to know our lineup could read it in the papers/commentators. Then he went and presented the same team of the 2012Euro two years ago. No need for that you are a coach not a PR come on! There's only one Mourinho, don't try to emulate his style

    Next games we will need to have a much more rational possession so WILLIAM CARVALHO IS MANDATORY!!

    --JP------------B. ALVES-------NETO-------ALMEIDA/VELOSO





    Nani coming of the bench, like in the Ireland game.

  3. Re: Official World Cup 2014 Thread

    In fairness none of the favourites have been impressive in their first games. Brazil were very lucky to beat Croatia and obviously Spain got a thumping. It's going to be interesting to see how Germany do tomorrow.

    Yeah, that's true but I feel Portugal will contradict that trend today hehe

  4. Re: Official World Cup 2014 Thread

    I'd be interested to hear the Argentina manager explain his strategy in the first half.

    He actually apologised for the inicial team shape right after the game in the flash interview ;)

    Still, you're not mentioning also Bosnia's "treason" to its usual 2 na attack, leaving Ibisevic benched for an extra midfielder... These guys scored 30 someting goals in the qualification games!

  5. Re: Official World Cup 2014 Thread

    Demoloshing Ireland right now, back to the 433 after experiments in the previous trial matches. William Meireles and Amorim looking very fluid in midfield and Neto with a great game so far in defence. Not pressing very high on the Irish inviting them in, so this should be already the model for the WC games

    Edit: Moutinho is playing in midfield, not Amorim. Amorim is the RB and is also looking superb with Varela on the flank

  6. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread

    They played together at Alverca

    Okay' date=' I frankly don't mind much if he leaves, it was great haviing him this season such a shame our season wasn't nohwere near what he deserverd. We came close reaching the semi's of the cups (mostly due to lucky draws) but were soundly trashed by Rio Ave.

    Hope he goes to a better club outside Portugal, Monaco would be a very nice fit with Jardim Moutinho and JR.

    We already seem to have gotten a potencial heir to Rafa though, Fabinho from the vert same Feirense ;) Do you have any insight on him?


  7. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread

    I read that Braga will recieve 20% of Costa's transfer fee (if the deal gets made).

    Come on Chelsea' date=' be generous! :P[/quote']

    It actually is 20% of the profit Atletico eventually makes in a future transfer but yeah, it could reach 10M if Chelsea invests around 53,5M ;). That's like 2,5 times our normal budget without CL

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