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  1. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    Are you saying we couldn't have done better then 6-3' date=' 6-0, 5-1? We were one goal off losing a tennis match. Even relegation fodder would be embarrassed to have 3 results like that in a season, never mind a team with seasoned internationals.[/quote']

    Yeah should have separated the sentence in two; what I meant was, pointswise, I'm not so sure we would have managed to do much better given the competition and our resources. Forth again is somewhat disappointing but again offers something from which to build on in the summer, that's my view

  2. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    Finding this could actually be a pleasant season to remember in the future, if we actually go and grab the cup. Clearly lost the title in those awful goal fests against the top three, I'm not sure we could have done better though. Hoping for an improvement in the summer departing from the current stage, not a revolution.

  3. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread

    Great post.....

    By the way Liverpool fans moaning about Mourinho having no class.. Take a look closer to home' date='Luis Suarez springs to mind...

    [b']By the way nobody moaned when PSG beat Chelsea 3-1 in the first leg of the last round,yet they moan when Chelsea get a good result in Madrid,what does that say? They are ****** that Chelsea may get to the final..[/b]

    Arsene Wenger is also a moaner,and talks rubbish an awful lot lot of the time do,do people moan? No,because Arse don't win anything

    That's Spot on!

  4. Re: Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread

    Can you really see it being more competitive next season with Lewa going to Bayern? They might sign a couple more yet! Unless the other clubs somehow invest loads in players Im guessing it could be exactly the same as this year

    They will win again, but not because Lewa joins. They will win for the same reason they won this year: The have the best manager of the world.

  5. Re: Official Red Devils Thread

    William Carvalho had another very good game last night in Sporting's away game. Miguel Veloso doesn't seem to stand a chance against him in the race for starting DM in Brazil so the club that seriously intends to buy WC should do it before the plane leaves to S. America.

    I can very well understand your comments on the magnitude of his clause these figures are close to pornographic but the truth is that's how the market goes at the present; it isn't Sporting's fault that money keeps getting in via multimillionaires investors. Nowadays, it's useless to try to isolate a player and attribute him his real value, you have to consider the reality of the market namely other player's recent transfer fees.

    Funny question: how much do you think a 22 year old Patrick Vieira would go for nowadays? ;)

  6. Re: Official Red Devils Thread

    The fact is' date=' it doesn't matter what happened in '99. Heck, it doesn't even matter what happened last week! History has absolutely fudge all to do with any future matches against Bayern. What matters is that [b']we're going to need a miracle, huge slice of luck, bribed ref and a partridge in a pear tree[/b] to progress any further.

    We'll then need the exact same formula for the next round and beyond!

    I would also suggest Beckham and Soksjaer to make an appeareace everytime United manages to get a corner :D

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