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  1. Re: Takin the mick yea thanks i did that and now a couple of players have gona back n 1 of them isnt managing liverpool so cheers
  2. Re: CAFU! yea but id get rid of gattuso and nesta to other teams for younger players like selling them to liverpool because they are in the same league and are good lol but u shd probly be able to get 1mil 4 him but u might just keep him because u wont get that much 4 him n it may b better just 2 loan him out
  3. in wc349 where i am valencia there are blatantly obvious dealings going on between sevilla and liverpool. liverpool are signing loads of top players for massive amounts of money and then selling them to sevilla on the cheap later. for example i sold them miguel 4 50million because he was injured 4 20 turns n now they are selling him 4 22mil even though i offered 30mil amd 2 decent 90s yesterday... they have already signed gerrard, carragher, alonso and lots of other top players 4 much cheaper which is annoying because i keep offering more just wondered whether any1 could help me sort this o
  4. Re: Sylvan Ebanks - Blake scored on saturday against the mighty town from the spot but it wasnt a penalty!!!! he cant even get in the starting line up though
  5. Re: Deleting Private Mail Box Messages yea i agree because i have some messages from like april that i cant delete also bcos my mates were jokin around n sent me loads of pm's i have 1660 unread messages and cant b bothered 2 delete them:)
  6. i think that to improve they should have a delete all button on club and private messages cos these get annoyin it takes ages to have to delete all the messages with a tick by them so i think this would help save time and then transfers would be responded to much more because all the important messages will show up without the ones that arent important this is needed on pm as well cos some of my mates were muckin about n now i have 1660 unread messages so this would help just a delete all button or if they were deleted automatically after a few weeks
  7. hi any1 can u help because i world championship 349 something fishy seems to be going on! i put in a bid of 28mil edu n morientes yet one of 30mil got accepted from sevilla. they seem to be buying loads of good players really cheaply i.e alonso 4 22 mil n sellin their poorer ones for cheaper to the same club. this has happened with about 3 teams selling their best players to them. Some of their other deals: carragher 14mil, berbatov 10mil, king 16 mil, robinho 15mil and they have sold players such as d'allessandro to liverpool- 18mil, hubscman 20mil, fabio costa-10 mil and bordon- 10mil all
  8. Re: Foster VS Kuszczak i'm sorry but how can anyone with eyes think kuszczak is a better keeper than foster. foster has gained about 1/2 of watfords points by keeping goals out n by wat ive seen kuszczak is poor.
  9. Re: Jack Cork , Dan Golsing and Josh Walker from what i saw gosling played well in the fa cup the other week and apparently chelsea are interested in him. still only 16 and has a possibly big future ahead.
  10. Re: Berbatov i think he is deserving of an increase he has been inspired in front of goal lately. i suspected him as a bit of a hit and miss but he has been consistently good but i think 94 would be too much
  11. Re: Alberto Gilardino - Fernando Torres 92 is probably ok at the minute but if his goalscoring form improves i think he could go back to 93. he is a class striker but had a shocking patch of form earlier in the season. But as some old grandad said:- form is temporary class is permanent
  12. Re: GAGO,fernando he has been playing in the madrid team recently so i think in the next changes he could possibly rise since he is being touted as a star of the future
  13. How about a rise for gilberto. he has been playing well lately and could possibly go up to 93. he is as good as fabregas and has been captaining the side while henry has been injured.
  14. From what i've seen he doesnt look that good. most wingers have given him a bit of a run around and i think he would decrease if anything
  15. apparently he has been playing quite well and has a pre-contract agreement to join a top european club in the summer
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