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  1. Re: Which would be a better Euro 2012 Fantasy Football team? I have now done all the transfers, played my wildcard and confirmed my changes. My team is below. I was wondering, which player should I make captain? I have Gomez as captain at the moment but I have some sneaky feeling that Torres is going to pick up some form and score a few more goals for Spain.
  2. Re: Which would be a better Euro 2012 Fantasy Football team? Ok thanks. I appreciate your help! Repped
  3. Re: Which would be a better Euro 2012 Fantasy Football team? sorry if I sound dumb but what does RHS mean?
  4. Re: Which would be a better Euro 2012 Fantasy Football team? Can anyone help?
  5. I am playing in the McDonalds Fantasy Football on the official Euro 2012 site. I am doing terrible! I have been very unlucky with my players getting injured, underperforming (eg Ronaldo and Van Persie) and a few other things. At the end of this gameweek, I am thinking about using my wildcard as my team is losing so many points because a lot of my players are not playing first team football. Which team would be better:
  6. Re: The Trenches Championship I remember when I was in this gameworld when it first was created and I bought someone as a free agent (can't remember who it was) and his wages brought me into so much debt and I never got out of debt. Yeah I kind of ruined that team :/
  7. Re: Fifa 12 - PS3 Pro Club. Hi I have a Fifa 12 question: I scouted this guy from Brazil on manager mode called Luciano Barros. He has a potential rating of 85-91 and a current rating of 65-69 and he is 16 years old. I am trying to sign him into my first team (I am Man City) but he won't accept my deal. I originally offered him £1,000. He rejected it I then offered him £2000. He rejected it I tried £3000 thinking he would accept it but he still didn't. So then I tried £5000 and still he declined. I was thinking this is weird as they normally sign contract for £5000. So then I tried £10,000 and he still declined it. I then went crazy and just chose to give him £100,000 contract. And he still declined it!!! So I then tried to use all my wage contract and offered him a £620,000 a week contract and he still declined it!!!!!!!!!!! Every time he says that the reason was because the wages offered was too low (even when I offer him £620,000 and I have players like Messi and Ronaldo who are on lower wages than that!!!!!) So why is he not accepting my deals?
  8. Re: Revision for Exams Anyone applying (or is at) Portsmouth or Brighton Uni? I need to know what they are like (I went to their open days). Interested in a Sport degree.
  9. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Should I swap Alexis Sanchez for Van Persie? I own Sanchez. I am not sure if I should do it as Sanchez is much younger and at the better team, while Van Persie is starting to get on and is not as good team. Also, I reckon if I signed RVP he will get injured just as I complete the signing. What do you reckon? Should I do it?
  10. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Should I get Micah Richards or Kolarov or Milner? (Man City are unmanaged and I need to steal their players) Also should I swap Raul Meireles for Giuseppe Rossi? I will get Rossi
  11. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Iker Munain or Christian Eriksen?
  12. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Should I sell Pedro and get Mascherano & Milos Krasic? Good or bad deal?
  13. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Who is better.......... Mata, Hulk or Vucinic? They are all at a club that has just became unmanaged so I am going to steal them. I assume a manager will take over the club fairly quickly so I want to take them as quickly as possible. Therefore I was trying to prioritise, which one should I get first, second and third?
  14. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Does anyone know anything about Alexander Merkel? Is he any good/has he been playing well? And what do you think his rating will be in a few years time?
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