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  1. Re: Which would be a better Euro 2012 Fantasy Football team?

    mate get 2 players from italy' date=' spain ,germany at least as they are gonna go the furthest in the comp...

    look at starters who arent as big names, for example italy in maggio or giaccherini are great picks.

    got to have gomez over van persie. id pick torres too. can see him scoring a few more.

    drop fabregas, he is a rotation player for spain. get a automatic pick like arbeloa or silva/xavi/iniesta...

    get some russia and poland players in, can see them winning their last game...[/quote']

    Would something like this be better then (I tried investigating the changes you thought would make my team better)


  2. I am playing in the McDonalds Fantasy Football on the official Euro 2012 site. I am doing terrible! I have been very unlucky with my players getting injured, underperforming (eg Ronaldo and Van Persie) and a few other things.

    At the end of this gameweek, I am thinking about using my wildcard as my team is losing so many points because a lot of my players are not playing first team football. Which team would be better:


  3. Re: The Trenches Championship

    I remember when I was in this gameworld when it first was created and I bought someone as a free agent (can't remember who it was) and his wages brought me into so much debt and I never got out of debt. Yeah I kind of ruined that team :/

  4. Re: Fifa 12 - PS3 Pro Club.

    Hi I have a Fifa 12 question:

    I scouted this guy from Brazil on manager mode called Luciano Barros. He has a potential rating of 85-91 and a current rating of 65-69 and he is 16 years old. I am trying to sign him into my first team (I am Man City) but he won't accept my deal.

    I originally offered him £1,000. He rejected it

    I then offered him £2000. He rejected it

    I tried £3000 thinking he would accept it but he still didn't.

    So then I tried £5000 and still he declined. I was thinking this is weird as they normally sign contract for £5000.

    So then I tried £10,000 and he still declined it.

    I then went crazy and just chose to give him £100,000 contract. And he still declined it!!!

    So I then tried to use all my wage contract and offered him a £620,000 a week contract and he still declined it!!!!!!!!!!!

    Every time he says that the reason was because the wages offered was too low (even when I offer him £620,000 and I have players like Messi and Ronaldo who are on lower wages than that!!!!!)

    So why is he not accepting my deals?

  5. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Should I swap Alexis Sanchez for Van Persie?

    I own Sanchez.

    I am not sure if I should do it as Sanchez is much younger and at the better team, while Van Persie is starting to get on and is not as good team. Also, I reckon if I signed RVP he will get injured just as I complete the signing.

    What do you reckon? Should I do it?

  6. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Who is better.......... Mata, Hulk or Vucinic?

    They are all at a club that has just became unmanaged so I am going to steal them. I assume a manager will take over the club fairly quickly so I want to take them as quickly as possible. Therefore I was trying to prioritise, which one should I get first, second and third?

  7. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Someone offered me £30million for Dzeko. His chairman value is £18,710,000. Should I sell him now (this is a lot of money)?

    Personally I would keep Dzeko' date='he played very good vs United and can do well this season.Keep Dzeko,even if he drop it's at the same level with Farfan and really it's safe for now and I see Farfan 91 only for this season because Schalke look awful.[/quote']
    Dzeko's been quality in pre-season' date=' scoring quite regularly. He looks like the player he was at Wolfsburg, he's finally settled and is clearly now full of confidence. I personally think this could be Dzeko's year and i wouldn't do the deal, but its your choice![/quote']
    I'd do it.. but I personally don't rate Dzeko

    Shown glimpses of what he can do this preseason but just don't think the EPL is the league for him

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