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  1. Re: General tatical help with my squad Thanks for that, twas useful I think I need to look at my strikers in particular because my best strikers are Owen and Trezeguet who have been playing great for me recently, but in the long run they will do worse as they have been playing badly in real life and they are getting old. Also Shola Ameobi and Scott Mcdonald have a much lower rating at the moment. I signed Suarez about 3 months ago (approximately) and he was playing very well, but I recieved an incredible offer from Blackburn and it was too good to refuse. However, I will try and resign him soon and try and sign him for less money than what I sold him for. Also, I was thinking.... since my wage bill is very high, I think I should sell Almunia and replace him with the worse goalkeeper possible. Now this may sound really daft but my current goalkeeper (who is very good) never gets injured/dips in from. Therefore I think if I get a goalkeeper with a lower wage bill (he will never play but will help with my finances) would actually be more beneficial than having Manuel Almunia on the bench although never playing all the time (who has high wages).
  2. When I choose which player to buy, I decide by looking at their player ratings for the club they are currently at or were at in the past. I found it difficult to find defenders who had high ratings. I was not sure if I was just unlucky not to find any players with high player ratings over a long period of time. Anyway, I have 2 questions: Has the game engine been created to give attacking players such as forwards better player ratings compared to the players ratings of defenders? Also, do you know any players which have got high player ratings (I assume that a player which has a high rating in one gameworld will also have a high player rating in another gameworld)?
  3. I am manager of Newcastle United and I need tatical help. I have copied my squad below and I would like help choosing my best team/formation. Which areas of my squad need strengthening and which players I can sell. I have £17.8m profit which I could spend. GOALKEEPERS Sebastien Frey - Goalkeeper - Age 30 - Rated 93 Manuel Almunia - Goalkeeper - Age 33 - Rated 90 DEFENDERS Fábio Aurelio - LB/LM - Age 30 -Rated 90 Benoît Tremoulinas - LB/LM - Age 24 - Age 89 Jorge Fucile - RB/LB - Age 25 - Rated 90 Habib Beye - RB/CB - Age 32 - Rated 88 Emiliano Thiago Silva - CB - Age 25 - Rated 90 João Miranda - CB - Age 25 - Rated 90 Diego Godin - CB -Age 24 - Rated 90 Fabricio Coloccini CB/RB - Age 28 - Rated 88 Steven Taylor - CB/RB - Age 24 - Rated 86 MIDFIELDERS Mohamed Sissoko - DM/CM - Age 25 - Rated 90 Moussa Sissoko DM/CM - Age 20 - Rated 89 José Guti - CM/LM - Age 33 - Rated 90 Luis Fernandinho - CM/LM - Age 25 - Rated 90 Danny Guthrie - CM/RM - Age 23 - Rated 85 Joey Barton - CM - Age 27 - Rated 84 Antonio Candreva - AM/Wing - Age 23 - Rated 87 Georginio Wijnaldum - AM/Wing - Age 19 - Rated 87 Aaron Lennon - Wing - Age 23 - Rated 90 Jonás Gutierrez - Wing - Age 26 - Rated 88 STRIKERS Scott Mcdonald - Fwd - Age 26 - Rated 86 David Trezeguet - CF - Age 32 - Rated 92 Michael Owen - CF - Age 30 - Rated 90 Shola Ameobi - CF - Age 28 - Rated 85
  4. Re: Which Centre Backs To Buy? Thanks stuartH. I really like Thiago Silva and I may put in a bid for him. If you know any other centre backs as well could you please tell me to help me make sure I get the best deal possible. Thanks, t'was helpful!
  5. I am manager of Newcastle in a league and my team only has 2 good defenders (one of which is currently injured and the other one has a really low condition level). So I need to buy centre backs. I have been using the transfer filter for centre back's and most of them are taken by other manager and they will not sell them unless I offer a really high price (all these players are the more famous defenders e.g. Terry, Pique, Puyol, Ferdinand etc). So does anyone know any good centre backs that will almost guarantee me good player ratings (form) per game. Search Prefernces: I have £17.9m to spend so I would like someone quite good (with a rating of between 85 and 95). I also would like someone who is no older than 30. Thanks if you can help!
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