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  1. Re: Riferimento: Mandandan or akinfeev? Have to agree
  2. decdev


    Re: Nani Sorry guys yes I dont have Hazard thanks for replies
  3. Have nani,bale,young,gaitan&kagawa hazard is now available what you think who would yo get rid of cheers
  4. Re: Left back Ok cheers for reply
  5. Hi all I have adriano 91 is he going to stay at 91 or what do you think about Pereira of Porto 90 who is available would he rise what you think cheers
  6. Re: Falcao? I'd buy super striker hatrick again last night for atletico
  7. Re: Do I sell Messi? Don't sell
  8. Re: Vidic Deal done fellas cheers for advice
  9. Re: Vidic Deal agreed fellas vidic for pique+ 9 million cheers
  10. Re: Vidic Ok thanks guys repped all for good replies cheers
  11. Hi all Barca manager offer me Piqué and 9mill for Vidic what you think cheers
  12. Re: Neymar or Bale Cheers got Bale
  13. Hi all bit of spare cash who would you go for Neymar or Bale
  14. Re: Nilmar for Rossi Cheers all
  15. Re: 90 rated keepers to rise... Just my opinion but maybe Weidenfeller of Dortmund just because dortmund are doing so well at the moment
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