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  1. Re: Late Results! You're assuming I've still got teeth at my age!!! lol
  2. Re: Late Results! Is that bloody right look for yourself English 4082 and don't forget to count players hes got out on loan and sold since this post!!!!
  3. Re: Late Results! Got to say all my results have been coming in well before midnight the last couple of weeks! Well done SM for getting it back to normal and thanks But don't get complacent! lol
  4. Re: Player concerns I've had it happen to a couple of teams today myself especially with Bale and Pjanic both went minor concern last month, looked at it then both in and always been in my youth squad (with the hope they wouldn't want quite as many games!) Anyway they have always played in all my cup games which is a lot as I normally do well and both had featured in about half the league games as well though mainly as subs! So I thought maybe it was a case they had not started enough league games so they both have played 6 out the last 8 games, starting in 5 and coming on as sub in the ot
  5. Re: Old players kept on database?!? You've obviously got far to much time on your hands, but good someone has!!! lol
  6. Re: Someone care to explain this?
  7. Re: Wage increase concern Personally think its good for the game pay them, play them or sell them!
  8. Re: Player Concerns Totally agree with all that, but still feel player concerns on "lack of games need to be more consistant" as some large squads it still seems not to effect but while small squads in the same games are getting youth players alright 89 rated ones but who play at least half the league games gradually growing in concern while a team with 63 first team players plus youth squad only have two players on minor concerns!!
  9. Re: Late Results! Hahahaha now all my game worlds are down oh well bit more time to rant! lol Actually the best thing they could do is stop making new game worlds for the moment until they have corrected the site, as I would expect in most cases people leave a current game world to join a new one because they want a specific team or they are not doing well! As even when you see a new manager rated 40 join a game most of the time you can tell he or she has been playing for quite a while because of there tactics players they buy etc… So if they stopped making game worlds for the moment I’m s
  10. Re: Late Results! Think that's obvious cant play Super Cup Final if your not, if you had read earlier post?
  11. Re: Late Results! RESULTS IT’S SIMPLE IF SM WANTED TO GET THEM IN ON TIME THEY COULD OTHER GAMES GET THEM IN REAL TIME 105MINS ALL TEAMS! IF SM WANTED TO THEY COULD DO SO TOO, ITS SIMPLE THE ONLY REASON THEY DON’T IS BECAUSE THEY CHOOSE NOT TOO WHETHER ITS FROM LACK OF INVESTMENT OR SOME OTHER REASON! If it’s a case they need to shut the site down to sort out all the problems they seem to be getting of late, do what other games do stick up a notice saying the site will be shut down on a certain day between 5AM and 1PM etc… If they’ve got to do it twice or even three times a week to get ev
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