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  1. Re: Gotze or Pastore? thanks. I was thinking Gotze was the better option but just wanted to ask for another opinion
  2. I have Mario Gotze and I've been offered Javier Pastore as a trade. An unmanaged B. Dortmund have also offered £13 million. My chairman values Gotze at £11.47 million, and Pastore at £10.44 million. I planned on just loaning Gotze out for another season as he isn't good enough for my first team but I'm just wondering which of the two players had the most potential.
  3. Re: Joe Riley any chance of Joe Riley being added now? rated 70 or 75. Ben McKenna (Carlisle), Ryan Fredericks (Spurs), and Luke McCarthy (Bury) have been added to the database after one game. Jake Nicholson (Spurs), Ritchie Branagan (Bury), Matthew Harriott (Luton), Erik Tonne (Sheff U), Andy Coughlin (Tranmere), Kudus Oyenuga (Spurs) and Andrai Jones (Bury) and a few others have been added as well and haven't played 5 matches. Since those players are being added after only one or two matches it's only fair the 4 Bolton players that have played 1+ matches but less than 5 get added as well.
  4. Joe Riley Info: First name: Joe Last name: Riley Club: Bolton Wanderers Nationality: English Date of birth: 13/10/91 Age: 19 Position: Right Back (Right Wing) Recommended Rating: 70/75 Joe Riley has been at the club since he was 9 years old and has progressed through all the Bolton Wanderers age levels and is a graduate from the Bolton Wanderers Academy. Riley is predominately a right back. Riley was one of the stand-out players of a young Bolton Wanderers reserve side last season and after a improving greatly last season, he continuted to progress during pre-season and succesfully played as a winger and was able to get on the scoresheet a few times. He made his debut for Bolton Wanderers first team during pre-season in 11/12 as he came off the bench to replace Greatar Steinsson in a friendly against Levante. His official debut came when he was named in the starting XI to face Macclesfield on the 23rd August 2011. He played the full 90 minutes and was a stand-out performer on the night and was credited with an assist as they won the match 2-1. Obviously Joe Riley won't be added to the database after only one official match, but I just thought I'd post him to the forum as he is definitely one for the future. Looks very promising!
  5. Re: Rhys Bennett Rhys Bennett has been added to the DB, thanks SM!
  6. I'm in a competitive gameworld and I offered to trade my Mario Gomez (93) for Fernando Torres (94). No cash involved. I received a counter-offer of Torres + £6 million for my Gomez. I'm just wondering if anyone could give their opinion on if I would be better with Torres or Gomez... I know Torres is better but just wondering with future ratings changes what might happen.
  7. Re: Rhys Bennett Rhys Bennett played today for Falkirk as they drew 2-2 with Ayr United in the league. He has played his 5 first team match, and took part in every minute of every match so I will be submitting him again to see if he gets added. Although Charlie Taylor (Leeds United) has just been added to the database rated 75 and he hasn't made 5 appearances so really Rhys Bennett should have been added 1 month ago since obviously appearances don't matter. Quick Summary, 5 matches (450 minutes) 1 goal, 1 yellow card.
  8. Re: Rhys Bennett falkirk won again in the cup today. 1-0 v dundee. 4 matches (360 mins) and one goal. another 90 minutes and a clean sheet. will probably play again at the weekend so that'll be 5 games this season so hope he'll be added soon
  9. Re: Rhys Bennett played another 90 minutes today. (270 so far this season). after winning the first 2 matches, he was on the losing side today and was booked. kinda unrelated to this post but I seen Rory McKeown of Kilmarnock was added to the DB today. hasn't he only played twice? could be wrong though but I was sure he only debuted this season.
  10. Rhys Bennett Info: First name: Rhys Last name: Bennett Club: Bolton Wanderers (currently on loan at Falkirk) Nationality: English Date of birth: 01/09/91 Age: 19 Position: Centre Back Recommended Rating: 70/75 He has never played for Bolton's first side but has been a regular in their reserve side and a stand-out player, and has also captained the club. Loaned out to Falkirk this season after a good recommendation from Owen Coyle and assistant manager John Henry. So far he has made 2 appearances. (excluding the friendlies) Scored on his debut. Falkirk won both matches and he has impressed. Think he should be added to the DB, or at least watched as he will be making a lot of appearances this season.
  11. I have an offer for him and don't need him so I'll probably sell him. Will his ratings change when the Premiership is being reviewed? If he will go to 92 I'm as well waiting and when his rating goes up I'll be able to sell him for alittle more...
  12. I recently made an offer of my Samuel Eto'o for David Villa and got a counter offer of Eto'o + £5 million. Both have the same rating and position but I would prefer Villa. I don't really watch much Serie A but Inter aren't doing too well so I'm wondering if Eto'o will drop to 95. Should I accept the Eto'o + £5 million counter offer?
  13. Re: Arjen Robben Deserves 97!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He deserves to be higher than 93... but 97. just no. I'd go for 95, although he will probs only get +1
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