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  1. Re: A Guide for Newcomers Seems like a lot of things have changed since this thread was created, but it still seems pretty effective. If I'm not mistaken, one can no longer select the GK as a playmaker. When playing the long-ball system, should a CB be selected as playmaker?
  2. Re: A Guide for Newcomers Brighton 3 - Hull City 1
  3. Re: A Guide for Newcomers Great, great thread. Absolutely critical when playing "live" managers. I went into a match playing 4-2-3-1 against a weaker team and used the arrows to "push up" my fullbacks and wide midfielders. The opposing manager obviously knew what he was doing and thrashed my lads. This caused me to search for a thread like this! My Div 3 B&H Albion squad is going into a cup match against Div 1 Hull City. We're going to play long ball and see how it goes! Question: Can anyone elaborate on appropriate times to use the arrows to push up or pull back players? Or expl
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