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  1. Re: The Principle Of Progression!.. The Ultimate Riser Set Up.. I'm not saying you're wrong, but I am saying that I definitely did not understand what you meant. Not that it matters, but I thought I should speak up for that other owner that made the same mistake as me. You did ask me about CV' date=' and I answered that CV = chairman value. The problem is that you meant the player's chairman's value, and I thought it meant my Chairman's value. You're actually quoting the "Player Value." On that same screen is another value that is called "Chairman Value," but that's not the one you mean. I agree that I am partly responsible for that Arsenal owner's bid because I bid up that player and made other over-value bids - that's why I am speaking up here in his/her defense.
  2. Re: The Principle Of Progression!.. The Ultimate Riser Set Up.. It's all a matter of perspective. I thought it was "common sense" that I could bid the max my chairman would allow. The confusion is from the different terms and screens SM uses. For example, if you click on a player, say, Mike Van Duinen of ADO Den Haag. In the top right of the box (Transfer Details) it lists "Chairman Value" of 2,050,000. So you would think I could bid that, right? But if you look at the bottom left (Game Player Fact File) it lists his "Player Value" at 1,500,000 which is what *his* chairman values him at. To add to the confusion, when you click "Make Transfer Bid" it says; "The ADO Den Haag Chairman will accept no less than 1,500,000 for Mike VAN DUINEN. Mike VAN DUINEN expects a wage of up to 8,295, his agent and your Chairman will negotiate the exact amount. Your Chairman values Mike VAN DUINEN at 2,050,000. Your Chairman will allow you to pay up to 5,330,000 for Mike VAN DUINEN." So there are two "Chairman" values in there and my CV is 2,050,000, but if I am not mistaken, I am not allowed to bid that. I need to bid the player's chairman minimum. And then there is my chairman's maximum of 5,330,000 to add to the confusion. To me, it was easy to make an honest mistake.
  3. Re: A Guide for Newcomers Seems like a lot of things have changed since this thread was created, but it still seems pretty effective. If I'm not mistaken, one can no longer select the GK as a playmaker. When playing the long-ball system, should a CB be selected as playmaker?
  4. Re: defenders 89-92 rises/ drops in the very near future... Kyriakos Papadopoulos (Ooops, I see he's only 88)
  5. Re: Guess at next leagues to be reviewed? It's from twitter - @soccermanager and @soccerwiki
  6. Re: Guess at next leagues to be reviewed? "Another league to be updated on Soccer Manager and transferred over from the @SoccerWiki is the Italian Second Division"
  7. I've noticed on the tactics page that player condition %s are inconsistent. When looking at the pitch display, condition %s are reported higher than if you look at the individual players. For example, Messi might be at 95% on the pitch display, but if you click on his name in the lineup and pop-up the player window, his condition % on the selection tab is reported as 89%. Is this a known bug? I try to rest my players when they are below 95% and thought I was doing ok, but then I noticed this discrepancy.
  8. Re: Guess at next leagues to be reviewed? From twitter on 27 April: In the coming weeks the First Divisions of Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal & Turkey will be updated & transferred over from the #Soccer Wiki
  9. Hello, I'm looking for a gw that has no buying players rated over 90. Preferably a "world" or "europe" type of game world. Could do without transfer windows as well, but I'm flexible. Anyone have one of these? Thanks
  10. Re: The Talent Factory [Latest Addition: Espinosa BERNARDO] Those are some really nice articles. I could imagine reading them on some other soccer sites on the web. I like the detailed history such as Espinoza coming from a family of bullfighters! Nicely done and thanks for your efforts.
  11. Is there a game world out there that prohibits buying players over the age of 21?
  12. Re: Roster limit suggestion UNLESS the other 45 players are under 21.
  13. Re: Roster limit suggestion Some will request transfers for first team action. Others will be content to remain squad players.
  14. Re: Roster limit suggestion Exactly. Of course, they are eligible to play in cup, shield, SFMA games. But, yes, finding playing time will be an issue. I think it would be a nice option for custom leagues that want to discourage stockpiling of talent. Since u-21s are exempt, managers with an eye for young talent will not suffer.
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