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  1. Re: Clarence SEEDORF but its about player's form instead of club form isnt it? with 3 goals and 5 assists, he will drop to be at the same level as, perhaps hleb?
  2. Re: German Changes what about marcelo bordon? and is the possibility of torsten frings dropping by 1 point high?
  3. he started 20 games, subbed in twice, so making it 22 appearances. 3 goals 5 assists. so will he stay at 94 or drop? please advise
  4. Re: German Changes guys what about torsten frings?
  5. Re: Raul oh ok it helps alot! thanks
  6. guys will raul maintain at 95? although hes performing in real madrid but hes no longer part of spain's first team. not even bench. so will he drop to 94 this time round? please advise
  7. Re: Stadium Building yea danny you're right. oldham in my league is doing pretty well too. got into D1 last season and stayed up. his stadium after increase is also peanuts. only 18K. will someone look into this? where/whom should i get more assistance?
  8. Re: Stadium Building this new addition is excellent, but not without its flaws. im wrexham, and i've painstakingly brought the club up from D4 all the way to D1. as you can see, i took 4 seasons doing it (took 2 seasons to bring it up to D2). This new improvement to the game, with effect from this season only, increased my stadium capacity from 15500 (D4 till D2) to only 17000+ (current D1) now, how is it going to be useful for me to compete effectively? perhaps the increase should be bigger for me especially. i think the increase is not justifiable for me. what do you guys think? whom c
  9. Re: young investment Prudnikov went up 6 points to 78 1.4mil =D
  10. Re: Who will Rafa Sign? hahaha. well the 50mil is accumulated over the years. every year we just get a puny sum of 20 mil + war chest. its nothing compared to the rest of the top 4. we cant outbid other clubs for young talent before the takeover.
  11. Re: loans NOT being accepted NOR rejected kinda true but we still gotta wait haha. its a great game. free too
  12. hi guys. my loan offers to unmanaged and unavaliable to manage clubs aint getting accepted nor rejected. is it because of this period where they are not processing any deals? thanks in advance
  13. Re: Who will Rafa Sign? we definetely need wingers. we had been uncreative on both wings for the entire season. sometimes i am sick of seeing us playing long balls. we seldom see quality passing and build-up play which leads to goals. 2 wingers, one at each side is a must. they must be extremely talented and filled with flair to the brim. its a must. Liverpool doesnt have any quality wingers eg ronaldo for man u and robben for chelsea 1 top quality forward would be nice too. but i still think the main reason why we dont score this season is because we seriously lack good wingers. we ha
  14. Re: Dunno if this is cheatin? nope. cheating only comes into play where u control more than 1 club in the same setup. worst if u try to have transfers between the 2 clubs.
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