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  1. Re: Guy desperate for Bale
  2. I have got deal for Bale agreed, 2 part transfer. Deal 1: Kompany = 20 + Ox Chamberlain Deal 2: Neymar + Balotelli + 9 = Bale I would be getting: Kompany, Neymar and Balotelli. I would be losing: Bale, Ox Chamberlain + 11 million. I think this is a steal of a deal for me especially because i need a CB Opinions........... Note I am Barcelona and have Messi, Hazard, Mata, Pedro for wings.
  3. Re: Vidic + Dede = Ramos
  4. Should i offer Vidic + Dede for Ramos?
  5. Re: J Boateng = Nastasic + J Willems Thanks for opinions
  6. Should i swap Nastasic + J Willems. Defenders in my team: CB Vidic Kompany Subotic Dede Nastasic Savic RB Ivanovic Arbeloa J Stones LB Coentrao Alaba J Willems
  7. Lars Bender or Alex Song Which player to play in 4-2-3-1 formation. I already have: Mascherano Gundogan Modric Neustradter Cant get the likes of Busquets, Scweinstager, Vidal.
  8. Re: Busquets = Modric + Mascherano...?
  9. Re: Bender + 20 = Mascherano? You still think Modric + Mascherano is too much for Busquets...... I would be left with Busquets Song Gundogan Neustrader As my DM's
  10. Re: Bender + 20 = Mascherano?
  11. Re: Bender + 20 = Mascherano?
  12. Re: Bender + 20 = Mascherano? I have Mascherano + Vidic + Nastasic. Im in a very competitive league an just trying to get a deal in the gameworld. I have an offer that involves me loosing David Silva Starting 11: ---------------------Lloris--------------------- Ivanovic----Kompany-----Vidic-----Coentrao -----------Mascherano---Modric---------------- Di Maria-------------Ozil-------------------Pedro ---------------------Benzema------------------- Subs: Aguero Reus Hazard Mata Alaba Song Gundogan Neustadter Dede Arbeloa Subotic Nastastic Savic Youth: Deulofeu H Herrer
  13. Re: Bender + 20 = Mascherano? Any opinions....?
  14. Should i sell Mascherano Lar Bender + 20 = Mascherano....... I am thinking of asking for another half decent player aswell in the deal... Another deal I am thinking about trying is Vidic + Nastasic = Hummels...... Whats ur opinion on both deals....? Neither may go through but thats what im thinking of offering...
  15. Re: Busquets = Modric + Mascherano...?
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