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  1. Re: Guy desperate for Bale
  2. I have got deal for Bale agreed, 2 part transfer. Deal 1: Kompany = 20 + Ox Chamberlain Deal 2: Neymar + Balotelli + 9 = Bale I would be getting: Kompany, Neymar and Balotelli. I would be losing: Bale, Ox Chamberlain + 11 million. I think this is a steal of a deal for me especially because i need a CB Opinions........... Note I am Barcelona and have Messi, Hazard, Mata, Pedro for wings.
  3. Re: Vidic + Dede = Ramos
  4. Should i offer Vidic + Dede for Ramos?
  5. Re: J Boateng = Nastasic + J Willems Thanks for opinions
  6. Should i swap Nastasic + J Willems. Defenders in my team: CB Vidic Kompany Subotic Dede Nastasic Savic RB Ivanovic Arbeloa J Stones LB Coentrao Alaba J Willems
  7. Lars Bender or Alex Song Which player to play in 4-2-3-1 formation. I already have: Mascherano Gundogan Modric Neustradter Cant get the likes of Busquets, Scweinstager, Vidal.
  8. Re: Busquets = Modric + Mascherano...?
  9. Re: Bender + 20 = Mascherano? You still think Modric + Mascherano is too much for Busquets...... I would be left with Busquets Song Gundogan Neustrader As my DM's
  10. Re: Bender + 20 = Mascherano?
  11. Re: Bender + 20 = Mascherano?
  12. Re: Bender + 20 = Mascherano? I have Mascherano + Vidic + Nastasic. Im in a very competitive league an just trying to get a deal in the gameworld. I have an offer that involves me loosing David Silva Starting 11: ---------------------Lloris--------------------- Ivanovic----Kompany-----Vidic-----Coentrao -----------Mascherano---Modric---------------- Di Maria-------------Ozil-------------------Pedro ---------------------Benzema------------------- Subs: Aguero Reus Hazard Mata Alaba Song Gundogan Neustadter Dede Arbeloa Subotic Nastastic Savic Youth: Deulofeu H Herrera J Willems Baptistao Portillo S Araujo Merkel Quintero
  13. Re: Bender + 20 = Mascherano? Any opinions....?
  14. Should i sell Mascherano Lar Bender + 20 = Mascherano....... I am thinking of asking for another half decent player aswell in the deal... Another deal I am thinking about trying is Vidic + Nastasic = Hummels...... Whats ur opinion on both deals....? Neither may go through but thats what im thinking of offering...
  15. Re: Busquets = Modric + Mascherano...?
  16. Re: kroos + vidal two part deal urgent Yes 25 mill cash my point exactly. Manager was around for ages after that deal was done! Lol, Not! Resigned straight away.
  17. Re: kroos + vidal two part deal urgent My guilt.... I havnt cheated whereas you have! What was ur Alba deal again..... 25 mill cash, an the manager resigned almost straight after. Catch a grip Fyfe if u want to fire accusations about!
  18. Re: kroos + vidal two part deal urgent 1. Alaba deal you knew was part of my Silva deal.. 2. Bordeaux getting Eriksen, good enough player. Kompanys rating at the time was 91 3. Aguero was only 92 and for that deal was pretty good! The Reus deal was accepted when he was 89 rated also, albeit the manager admitted he was drunk when accepting the deal. Hazard deal, didnt know this manager at all! Am i not correct in saying you have previosuly admitted to cheating.......Fact!
  19. Re: kroos + vidal two part deal urgent Other manager must be a complete wally! 1. Gomez, doesnt start for Bayern, absolutly no chance of rise! 2. Gourcuff, doesnt play at all! 3. Criscito, Playing in the Russian league! 4. Mikel, This tube an isnt a Chelsea class player. Doesnt get much game time now! Are you giving to much! Id give the other manager the other 150 mill u have and still b happy! Coolblue r u on crack!! New signing so possibly you are in this gameworld!
  20. Re: van persie + 6mill =zlatan IMO there isnt a stiker on this planet as good as RVP. Fair enough Zlatan is rated higher, I have no idea why! Falcao would be the only striker would come close. How many do you think RVP will go up in next changes....... And Muppit....? Jog on you idiot!
  21. Re: van persie + 6mill =zlatan Absolutely ridiculous poll and post. Who in their rite mind would what Zlatan over RVP!
  22. What to do with my Lyon team....? Opinions welcome Just changed to this formation from 4-2-3-1..... Who should I sell on including youth team..... Starting 11: ---------------------Lloris--------------------- Ivanovic----Kompany-----Vidic-----Coentrao ------------------Mascherano--------------- Di Maria-------------Ozil----------------Pedro -------------Aguero------Benzema---------- Subs: Trapp Hazard Mata Modric Subotic Reus Song Others: Alaba Nastasic Dede Gundogan Arbeloa Neustadter Mariga Youth: Deulofeu H Herrera J Willems Portillo Araujo Leo Baptistao Savic Quintero Carlos Mane Merkel Candido Ramirez Hideki Ishige
  23. Re: Pogba = Deulofeu + Araujo
  24. Ivanovic is my starting RB. Should i get Van Der Wiel & Xhaka....? I have Arbeloa also.....
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