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  1. Re: English Championship 7027(51429) Forumers Needed !

    External bids in and due to having a 22 man squad Stephen Kelly will be the only departure today.

    Bidded on his replacement already :D

    EDIT - Just noticed that the SMFA competitions take fitness away....

    In another game world I'm in that is a standard the SMFA competitions don't take fitness away. Any-one know why this is the case?

    They do? Which competition are you sure?

  2. Re: English Championship 7027(51429) Forumers Needed !

    lol player values don't just randomly drop. if you brought in any new higher rated players' date=' then they dropped the value of your other players because your other players are no longer as valuable to your chairman as they once were. common sense, and a very basic concept frequently discussed on the forums.[/quote']

    Ahh I see. Woots I learned something new today Thanks Mo...

  3. Re: English Championship 7027(51429) Forumers Needed !

    Walsall 0-1 Crystal Palace

    Good start for my palace' date=' Obina with the goal in a comfortable win. With the lowest rated player a 7, quite happy with how quick the team has settled down. Early days but a good start is good.[/quote']

    I play you next :D interesting too see how it goes.. I scraped a 1-0 victory as well.

  4. Re: English Championship 7027(51429) Forumers Needed !

    My line up is looking something like this..

    Plymouth Argyle

    GK : Fulop (87)

    RB : Rosi (85)

    CB : Nosworthy (85)

    LB : Drenthe (87)

    DM : Ottl (87)

    CM : Nzonzi (86)

    CM : Johnson (83)

    LM : Gonzalez (88)

    RM : Ninis (87)

    CF : Huntelaar (91)

    CF : Goncalves (86)

    Still looking for another CM..

    Title contender... Maybe I might be content with staying in Div 3 for another season yeah? :P

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