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  1. Re: Scout What do you mean by scout? These are all real life players based on their performances in real life. You can scout potential [players like youngsters and such if thats what you mean.
  2. Re: English Championship 2050 I am bored with Coventry actually thinking of taking over a Div 4 club and see how it goes from there. But i know you cant get even 86+ players at a Div 4 so still considering what you guys think?
  3. Re: Not Match Fit Oh okay cuz i saw like this team i got 5 were NMF i was like okayyyy but their cond is not oging up by much. THanks.
  4. What do I do with players who are NMF? Too get them up to fitness is there a requirement?
  5. Jonathan Woodgate is 89 rating is he really deserving of that high a rating i mean if memory serves me right he didnt play much this season.
  6. Re: English Championship 2933 Discussion Thread I am new took over Milton Keys Dons. Hope i can learn the ropes well. Gonna be hard but gonna try.
  7. Re: English Championship 2050 Coventry new manager has made several new additions to the club on loan from West Ham is keeper Christian Abbati and Central Defender James Tompkins. Coventry also needed to add fmore choices too their attacking forces. The manager decided to look east and has gotten three japanese players for this purpose. One would be Attacking Midfielder Keisuke Honda from VVV-Venlo and Mu Kanazaki from Nagoya Grampus. He also is in the process of signing Jubilo Iwata's forward Ryochi Maede. While the new asian signings could not make it for the match against Burnley which resulted in a 1-0 over the team a good start for the mangaer. The loan keeper did well in keeping the goal and the third minute goal from Eastwood sealed the victory. The three Japanese players are expected to be up for the match against Preston North End and it will be a test to the manager's choice of players which has drew sceptism from several quarters. The manager has boldly claimed after the Burnley match that he will try his best to get promotion while he admited winning first place is quite impossible he is not ruling out that possibility...
  8. Re: English Championship 2050 okay making some deals already. Seeing if i can qualify for div 1 next season. . Doubt i would survive if i do but it is worth a shot.
  9. Re: English Championship 2050 Hey guys i am new to this league and game. Yes if you checked i have a 61 rep points but that was because i couldnt go online for three months and it went on giving me undeserved points. Anyway i am starting back hope you guys can help me out abit. . I am in Conventry City. Dont know why i just like the team. While i wont be able to get in any transfers at the moment and as i am heading off somewhere just want to intro myself my team needs some attackers which i am planning to get. I hope the team i am about too build will help out. Will try to be active on the forums. Just to make things more interesting. Will be posting new stuff should i come up with any.^.^
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