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  1. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread I've got Dagenham, Will post a Match report later, got school in a bit.
  2. Re: The Official Bristol City F.C. Thread Stable financial status here we come! LOL at the link aswell. Also, I thought it was quite funny when Maynard scored a half-volley over the keeper and the commentator didn't make a big fuss over it as he's scored about 10 like that all season.
  3. Re: The Official Bristol City F.C. Thread Aye, but if it means we are still a club by the start of the season, I'd take a Green Chairman.
  4. Re: Wilfred Zaha - Crystal Palace New boy! There is no doubt he is a great player and I would buy him for a long-term profit, but I doubt he will get future chances, he only came on against Cardiff because Alan Lee was injured and Palace only had four subs on the bench, two being defenders and we really needed a goal. He is good but I doubt he is a 75, not even 70 to be honest. I think he needs a little time to up his game and then he can start thinking about getting some minutes on the board, a bit like Kieran Cadogan and James Comley. But this is a good find from someone who does not support Palace.
  5. Re: The Official Bristol City F.C. Thread Hello, I'm a Palace fan and I know there is alot of tension between our fans and your fans due to the "Ghost Goal" and the Play-Offs, but I mean you no harm. I was just going to ask you all a quick question, Is Danny Haynes better than what his stats suggest? He only scored seven goals all season (Including the Cups) and he played 38 games. I haven't seen him play much so I don't know. Cheers.
  6. Re: The Coca-Cola Championship 2009/10 Season I want him to stay but it seems inevitable, Warnock said he wanted to buy him as soon as he went to QPR so it just seems a matter of which club he will go to. His contract is also up in the summer and against Sheffield Wednesday he threw all his shirt and boots into the crowd unlike any other player which means it was probably his last Palace match. I don't care what happens transfer wise in the summer, all I care about is if we will be a club by the start of the season.
  7. Re: The tribes Hi, I was in the tribes as well Gadga, and I done match reports with George, Nathan, Steve, e.t.c, it used to be well good. I was wondering if I could have the team I used to manage in the other setup, Clyde, if they are not taken, if they are then I don't mind any other team. Thanks. EDIT: Just realised that all the teams are taken, I'll ask again if a team becomes free.
  8. Re: Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 I've been using one of these classes lately... Was using basically the same thing before this but with the Aug Hbar with Silencer. M16A4 (Trying to unlock Red Dot) AA12 - Red Dot Sight Claymore Stun Grenade Scavenger Pro Hardline Commando/Steady Aim This is my knife only class which I've been using alot recently MP5K - Silencer .44 Magum Throwing Knife Flash Grenade Marathon Lightweight Commando Pro This is something I sometimes use when I just want to use a different gun FAL (Trying to get Red Dot) AA12 - Red Dot Sight Claymore Stun Grenade Scavenger Pro Hardline Commando/Steady Aim
  9. Re: Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 I'm downloading the map packs but the download always stops at 58%
  10. Re: The Coca-Cola Championship 2009/10 Season Before I start I would like to say you probably know me by now and if you want to talk about other matters then please PM me. At least give me a chance to reply. First of all, well done to the players, you didn't crumble under pressure and got the job done. Also a big thanks to Matty Lawrence who has been our worst player for most of the season but played immense yesterday. Nothing else to mention really, I hope the Consortium buys us and Paul Ince was rumoured to be talking to them at Hillsborough. Wouldn't mind him as he done a great job at MK Dons and Macclesfield but I would prefer to keep Hart but he seems like he is going to Spurs. Disgusting scenes by the Wednesday fans, our fans run on and start celebrating yet we do nothing to provoke the Wednesday fans yet you run on and start hitting our players and fans, sort it out. Anyway, to finish this post on a high, there was a rumour that Championship games wouldn't have mid-week games in them anymore. The FA have released a statement saying "No teams will be playing Wednesday". PS: Chris Coleman has been Sacked.
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