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  1. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions because there is no rhyme or reason for the ratings reviews. Paulinho got a +1 as well. the current format for ratings reviews is pathetic -whatever it is? I don't even know how they are done?
  2. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2012/2013 what the hell is happening with the player ratings? the last ones took forever to arrive and took forever to complete, and now they are updating playeres randomly. we used to know roughly when the reviews were taking place, now they just do them as and when they feel like it!?
  3. Is is possible to create a game world where you can limit squad sizes? I'm creating one at the moment and I can see anywhere to limit squad sizes but I'm sure it was an option? Thanks, Scott
  4. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2011/2012 (I) Gotze is injured at the moment, did he play enough after his previous rating change to warrant another +1? I'm not too sure. I would expect Lewandowski to rise to 90 however. Does Kagawa have a shot at a 90 too?
  5. Personally, I think my team is decent and my tactics are adequate but my results are telling my otherwise. My current team is: 4-4-2 Diamond Tackling - Normal Mentality - at home against equal/lesser team = Attacking away or against a better looking side = Defending Tempo - Fast Pressing - All Over Counter Attacking yes Men Behind Ball yes GK - 93 Victor Valdes RB - 90 Ignacio Abate CB - 94 Thiago Silva © CB - 91 Adil Rami LB - 90 Leighton Baines RM - 93 Thomas Muller DM - 92 Mats Hummels AM - 91 Mario Gotze LM - 92 Juan Mata CF - 91 Edinson Cavani CF - 92 Mirko Vucin
  6. Re: Brazilian Serie A - By nicholasbig96 & JHM_daggers Excellent work guys, much appreciated! I know this might be a difficult question and relatively objective but who are the current crop of wonderkids in Brazil right now aside from the obvious? I've got Neymar, Ganso, Lucas Rodriques, the 3 main young stars and I've bought a crop of youngster knowing very little about Brazil: Gabrial Silva (Palmeiras) Evanildo Juninho (Palmeiras) Bruno Uvini (Sao Paulo) Carlos Casemiro (Sao Paulo) Aparecido Wellington (Sao Paulo) Jose Willian (Sao Paulo) Osca Emboaba (Internacional) Leandro D
  7. Re: PAYET, Dimitri I'm not an expert but I'm not sure that Payet has done enough for a 90 in the next review. He was on 7 goals this time last season and has only 1 this season so far. Saying that Lille are 3rd in the league so he could get a rise for playing well and for helping Lille to mount another title challenge. That's a pretty lame response, basically I don't know!!!
  8. Re: Scott parker +2 is out of the question and frankly a bit greedy to expect it so soon! He'll get 90 this review but a 91 is not out of the question for the following review.
  9. Re: 89 to 90 in the next big league reviews...? Thanks for your replies. I want to keep either ABATE or DEBUCHY so I'll probably go with the younger or the 2 playing for the Serie A champions. Although I might wait and see if Debuchy rises to 90 in the next changes as his value will obviously go up!
  10. Re: gaitan o ramsey? How long has Bale been around? Bale has had ONE season where everyone has raved about him and yes, he was excellent but prior to that he was playing OK as a LB for Spurs. Only last season did he really come to life and show us how good he was and you do not get a 91 rating for playing 1 good season in the Premier League and Champions League. Bale will keep rising if he keeps performing, which he is doing, so he'll get a deserved rise to 91 in the next changes. Cahill earnt his 91 playing consistantly well for Everton over the course of 7 seasons in the Premier League.
  11. I need to have a clearout as my squad is getting too big. Which of these players is like to rise to 90 in the next changes and if not, are they likely to reach 90 soon, or not at all? These were all bought as back-up or to challenge for a first team place if and when they reach 90. LB/LM - MATHIEU Jeremy LB/LM - MONREAL Nacho RB/RM - DEBUCHY Mathieu RB/RM - ABATE Ignazio CB/LB - ALEXIS Ruano CB - BONUCCI Leonardo CB/DM - REINARTZ Stefan CB/RB - CACERAS Martin AM/CM - GANSO Paulo Henrique Wing/Fwd - SCHURRLE Andre Wing/Fwd - DEL MORAL Manu CF - CISSE Papiss Plus some 88's I wonde
  12. Re: Oluwaseyi Ojo - Chelsea's new wonder! shame that the Premier League have seen to it that these kind of big(ish) money deals will be a thing of the past soon. in the near future this £2m deal could be worth only as much as about £15,000 for the likes of MK Dons.
  13. Re: Mario Gomez What if Gomez scored 100 goals this season? Should he only get to 94 because he wasn't able to dribble it around 2 players or because none of his goals were 1 on 1's? If Gomez scores loads of goals again, and Bayern win the league, Gomez needs do nothing else. To get a 95 his goals need to probably help Bayern to reach the Champions League Final but I bet if you asked Heynckes then he would tell you that he asks for nothing more than goals from Gomez and he delivers emphatically.
  14. Re: Jordan Rhodes... The Next Rooney! He looks like a great prospect and is bang in form too with 14 goals in his last 7 games! Could be one to look out for! Wouldn't go so far as to say he is the next Wayne Rooney though. If he was, I'm not sure he'd be playing in with Huddersfield in League 1 at 21 as by this age Rooney was already a regular with Manchester United and 3/4 premier league seasons under his belt.
  15. Re: 1 billion youth team A forum is about opinions, not just fact and adding something constructive. Anyway, just to throw my two-pennies worth in, I not a big fan of these massive youth teams either. Some teams can ruin league by buying up ALL the young prospects. I might want to buy a few for my youth team but they might be none left worth buying! I understand people are free to do as they wish within the rules and in that sense there can be no complaints, I just think the rules should be the other way round. If I am correct, general game worlds don't have any limits on your squad but
  16. Re: Scott parker He was only 89 because he got relegated last season. He will rise to 90 if he's playing and if Spurs continue their current form.
  17. Re: Mats Hummels Thanks Nabu. A 91 CB with a chance of 92 is no good if he's always injured :-( I was just wondering if I would lose from the quality of my team if I got rid of Hummels. I'll try and knock up a p/x deal and see if I can get a tasty player in exchange!
  18. Re: Rise for KP Boateng? If Milan's result at the weekend was only a mini-revival and they see themselves in the bottom half of the table during the time of the review, then I can't see them giving many rises to Milan players. Now that they are reviewing the leagues 3 times a season I would expect they will wait until the next review to see if things have changed. However if Milan climb back into contention for the title and see themselves at the right end of the table then he's got a very good chance.
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