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  1. Re: Manager has too many multiple accounts - Not being banned This is problem in many more Game Worlds. You personally can not do anything other than to keep signing in multiple accounts of that manager hoping to SM to do something about it. I had a similar problem in one of my championships but in the end I managed to fight the manager leaves the other clubs except one. The only solution for me is to introduce the SM track orders via IP address and enable only have one account on a single IP address. Until then, we will have more problems with these managers who do not respect the rules of
  2. Re: Riferimento: Game Worlds and SM Forum In previous comments Alan-NI wrote that it would lead to a large number of empty topics on the forum considering the sheer number of standard championships. He is probably right because not all championships are equally active. Therefore, this idea may be easier and faster to be used in the custom championship whose managers are active on the forum because I know a lot of custom championships which have their own forum topic.
  3. Re: Game Worlds and SM Forum Maybe than to start with this for Custom Game Worlds and leave option for Game Owners to share link in Game World Overview.
  4. Practice to the forum especially the English are threads about championships from game. People generally use them to represent their team and discussion with colleagues managers. I think it would be helpful if these topics can be associated with the appropriate championships to the manager . Let's say that in the description of the championships can enroll link to the topic on the forum and thus all the managers were informed of the existence of topics they would surely brought in a greater use of the forum. Perhaps that is also somewhere on the home page or about calendar set button that lead
  5. Re: Player Honours? I would really like to see this implement in game because I have proposed same thing 2 years ago and get good ratings from others but still nothing: http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=89458
  6. Re: Can we bring newspaper back? I really miss the old newspaper. They should not have to remove them, they are simply to improve with the inclusion of the opportunity to comment and like. If there is no possibility of going back at least to be able to slightly increase the allowed number of characters in the current system.
  7. Re: Paying out contracts on top of transfer fees Great ideas. I would like to see first two implement in game as soon as possible.
  8. Re: The Minor Improvments Thread Soccer Manager Србија is Facebook page of SM fans and managers from Serbia. Our members have recently discuss about updates for game and what they would like to change, introduce or remowe. I will put there suggestions in this thread so that SM community can see them. Some of them are already been proposed some not but these are suggestions from our members: 1. Player moral is hard to change. 2. There is not enough formations in game. SM should think of bringing in more formations or placing all players position to tactic screen and allow managers to place p
  9. We saw many big and small layout and interface changes in recent past. Some of them were good, some of them not so good. How about that SM use Soccer Wiki community before putting this layout change in use and first present new changes to them for voting. Something like player pictures. Present current form with how should new look like and then let Soccer Wiki members to vote for or against this layout change. If members vote thumbs up for change SM should implement that. If players vote thumbs down SM would not implement that change. Very simple solutions that will make managers more happy a
  10. Re: Showing When a Player was a Loanee This would be a nice addition to player Statistic.
  11. Re: Awards in Player History This is still an idea and two years after it was proposed nothing has been done to actualize it. I hope SM will think about it one more time. If this informations can not stand in player profile maybe you can put them in Game World History under Player Tables. Just to eminent golden boot and Player of the Season award.
  12. Re: Accomplishments Good idea. I have proposed something similar before 2 years but no response from SM: http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=89458
  13. Re: Suggestion on player search engine Great idea, it would be very useful if we can search only External or Internal clubs. SM should think about putting this in game as soon as possible.
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