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  1. Re: 87+

    First time we have qualified for Europe in this league. Just wanted to ask, do you actually make any money from this (gate receipts etc) or is more of a hinderence playing extra games? Also, since SM has gone dramatically down hill i have no intention of renewing my gold membership so it will be interesting to see who my assistant mangers picks.

  2. Re: 87+

    Just looked at my schedule and the upcoming friendlies

    Tue 3 Feb Friendly [H] - Greuther Fürth

    Wed 4 Feb Friendly [H] - FC Lugano

    Thu 5 Feb Friendly [H] - Rochdale

    Fri 6 Feb Friendly [A] - Rochdale

    Sat 7 Feb Friendly [H] - Rochdale

    :eek: Rochdale 3 games in a row

    Looking forward to see who comes out on top over the three games. Will be playing fringe players though as my first X1 need a rest. Good luck.

  3. Re: 87+

    Rochdale are rumoured to have won the race for highly rated Man City youngster, Brandon Barker. The media are reporting that Willem II and Liverpool De Montevideo were also in for the North West based player, but Barker has chosen Rochdale as it is near his family home.

  4. Re: 87+

    Rochdale are delighted to announce the signing of highly rated player

    Ruben Loftus-Cheek. Manager Adam Whitworth couldn't believe that they managed to sign him for only £450,000

    I really expected a bidding war for Ruben and we were prepared to go big, but in the end we didn't need to.

  5. Re: TomOwen's Christmas and New Year Scouting Special

    Sorry for digging this five year old thread up' date=' but I was just revisiting the forum after a long time away from the forum and stumbled accross this thread that I wrote back then. It brought back some good memories! You guys probably don't remember me, but I hope some of you do.

    I was just re-reading through this and thought that wow, five years has made a huge difference, and it is quite interesting to see how some of these players rated five years ago. Of course, for every one of these success stories, there's a Ched Evans or a Dirk Marcellis.

    Anyway, was just dropping by - seems like the forum has changed a lot in the past five years, the only person I truly remember/knew that is still here is Insider I think, but I do hope that you guys are enjoying the game as much as I did!

    Sorry, was just reminiscing, hope you don't mind that too much!


    Welcome back Mate.

    I remember when the forum was full of threads like this. The game used to really exciting andmy favourite thing was taking a team from Div 4 to Div 1 buying and selling all the risers. Unfortunately the game has taken bit of a dive recently with the database becoming bit of a joke. We had a response from a moderator last week admitting that they had let things slip and would adddress it. Fingers crossed they do.

    Great to have you back and hopefully people will start threads like yours again.

  6. Re: 87+


    Strength: Star players Stones, Berahino and Ramalho plus decent support from the rest of the squad shows that they belong in the top division after being crowned division 2 champions last season with a record 10 wins. They had the best attack of the game world scoring 42 goals, the 2nd best defence in their division, conceding 27 and had the fewest defeats (3). Good squad depth should help them mount a cup run. Ever active in the transfer market. Could be a dark horse as the teams who come up as champions always make an impact. Lanzarote was an assist machine for them last term, topping the table with 12!

    Weakness: Recent rises for 2 of their goalkeepers was a true gift for them, but they still could do with a better option. They have the yo-yo tag because they never seem to stay in one division for too long, can they finally establish themselves ?

    Division 1 Titles: 0

    Division 2 Titles: 1

    Cup Winners: 0

    Great write up, thanks. I have never managed to stay in Division 1 after 4 attempts. Hopefully this season we might have a chance.

    Good luck everyone.

  7. Re: Campaign for Dmytro Nepogodov

    ;3018406']He wont rise mate. no longer a starter' date=' Ukraine league downgraded.[/quote']


    How do you know the Ukrainian league has been down graded? What about all the minutes he has clocked up over the last 2 years? What is the maximum rating cap for this league.

    Sorry for all the questions, but understandably I am a bit miffed:confused:

  8. Re: Craig Dawson

    After a couple of seasons of being shipped out on loan, Craig has finally nailed down a regular starting position. Playing alongside Lescott must have helped him tremendously.

    Now rated 85, should be in line for a rise of +2

    Well done Craig - You're doing Rochdale proud.

  9. Re: Vast improvement of Soccerwiki needed

    I have stated on many different threads my dissapointment with how this once great game has now become. I have also said that the only reason i have not cancelled my teams is because of the amount of time it has taken me to build my sides. I have set myself a time line of 6 months to see an improvement of the current ratings system, after that, its time to call it a day :(:(

    It beggers belief that we STILL have not had a response from anybody at SM explaining what it happening. Sad, sad times indeed, what a shame that nobody at SM gives a monkeys.

  10. Re: SM Hall of Greatest Shame!


    This thread is dedicated to all what is wrong with SM.

    It is posted in the player ratings section due to that area being its primary embarrassment but is open to all act's of shamefulness in other areas of the game.

    Feel free to nominate acts of shamefulness by SM and I will decide if they are worthy of making the list of SM's Greatest shame.

    Please note nominations like a player who has say 2000 minutes but hasn't had a review will not make they list as there would be far to many as its sadly not uncommon.

    To start things off I nominate Oscar Cordoba.

    Despite being Retired for the past 5 years' date=' it appears SM not worried by the accuracy of their player database turned two blind eyes to the legend and kindly made him available to the SM community to use as they wish in this period of time as a nailed on 88. Some say he was an easter egg planted by SM others that SM and by extension SW's ineptness was to blame but whatever the reason I'm sure we can all agree he was a true servant of the game.

    All good things must come to an end though and despite his seemingly retirement defying evasiveness SM has finally brought down the curtain on his SM career. How long he could have played on for if it hadn't been brought to their attention nobody knows, but one thing is certain his legendary exploits will never be forgotten.

    [b']1[/b] Oscar Cordoba - 5 years retired yet remained an 88 on the database.





    Phillip Max - Absolute Joke. added recently @ 87 rated :eek:

  11. Re: Current Multiplayer Problems & Solutions

    Many thanks to those of you have have taken the time to provide feedback in this thread as well as several others that I have come across on the forum. This will be used along with other feedback from our communications to help address current problems with the multiplayer. I'll continue to read your posts like I have done in the past. From this I will put together a presentation for management on what you and I believe to be the current problems (as I am viewing this as a gamer as i'm a long term manager like you). This will result in the correct things being addressed going forward.

    This is most encouraging to hear. If the ratings system is sorted quickly i would even consider getting a gold membership again. Hopefully this will be sorted soon as i know a lot of managers are quitting. As i have siad on many other threads, the only reason why i have not left completely is because of the amount of time it's taken me to build my teams. Please, please, please let us know any information you have with any ratings discussions you have with the SM Management.

  12. Re: 300k investment for sm

    I said earlier in the year that this is going to be a big year for us and I still stand by that. We've got the right people backing the company in Merica. We're delighted to have Mike Hayes (ex CEO of Sega Europe / America) on our board as his experience and leadership will be invaluable. Matt Eyre (ex Brand / Marketing Director at Sega and also worked for EA) has also come on board and again his experience will be invaluable. We've also got a new Exec Chair (whose name I won't mention at the moment until a further press release) and we've made the right decision in appointing him. Again his experience will be invaluable and his track record speaks for itself.

    As some of would've noticed from our Studio page' date=' we've been recruiting over the course of the past few months to help drive our new project forward and also to carry out further development of our current offering.

    We're definitely heading in the right direction and now have an excellent team to deliver what will be two free games, a Single Player & Multiplayer, and also address the concerns that you have been flagged up over the course of the year.

    Next week the Single Player demo will move into Alpha and at the end of October / start of November it will then be moved into Beta and opened up to all of our community. We're really excited about this new project and we've made a game that you'll all enjoy and will be able to play anytime and anywhere. We've been testing out a new match engine in this game and once we're happy with it, we'll then roll it out in the Multiplayer.

    After seeing a few comments in our communications over the past few months, I will state that the Multiplayer won't be abandoned once the Single Player is in Beta, we'll be turning our attention back to the Multiplayer in terms of development and continuing to make it an excellent community driven game. Therefore it's apt to finish on the following which I posted yesterday in another thread, "Soccer Manager was built by our community - in terms of why and how it launched, grew and currently operates. This is still the case and nothing has changed."[/quote']

    This is good news indeed, but most of your players/customers want to know if the ratings shambles will be one of the first things to be looked at?

  13. Re: Vast improvement of Soccerwiki needed

    This thread is possibly the most important in terms of trying to improve things. It's really important that this is kept active and near the top of the forum. I have read with much interest all the posts and its good to know that the moderaters are listening.

    I am so frustrated at the moment at the lack of ratings structure. Could somebody from SM or SW or moderaters on this board please explain to us how the current system works? Who choses which players have a rating change? Please understand, i am not on a witch hunt, i just genuinely would like to know how it works. Once we know this, perhaps we could suggest some much needed improvements.

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