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  1. Re: ☆☆Young-Boy™☆☆ BIG RISERS Name: Scott Hogan Club: Rochdale Age: 21 Minutes: 1817 Current Rating: 73 Potential next rise: +3, +4 Overall potential rating 83, 84 Rochdale have recently just turned down an offer of £750000 from league 1 club Peterborough Utd. I have seen Scott play many times this season and along with Gary Roberts from Chesterfield he is the stand out player of the division. He has scored 12 goals already and is a quality player. He might not make you millions but he will get a nice little rise when he is reviewed and he will definitely be playing in a higher division soon.
  2. Re: Soccer Wiki rep Hi. Username is Nailsdog
  3. Re: West Brom Beast-Saido Berahino +4 rise for him today.
  4. Re: Soccer Wiki rep Can anybody help with this? Many thanks.
  5. apologies if this has been done to death or I'm in the wrong bit of the forum but I have just tried to upload a picture of Scott Hogan (Rochdale) on soccerwiki. It is saying my reputation is not high enough? Please could somebody tell me how to increase my rep of just upload the picture for me? many thanks.
  6. Re: General Risers. Now League review has changed. Hi. Here are a few more, although it seems to be getting harder & harder to get the really big risers. Andreas Christensen 76 + 3/4 Lee Novak 80 + 2/3 Fabian Holthaus 76 + 4 Joachim Eickmayer 76 + 4/5 Fares Bahlouli 75 + 5
  7. Re: The New Players Thread Yeah, didn't you know Spains most eagerly anticipated player for a generation was from Afghanistan? Soccer Wiki strikes again.
  8. Re: Are you going to renew your gold account? No. It's a real shame as in my opinion the game has really gone down hill. 1 - Ratings (Absolute joke) 2 - Complete lack of response from SM regarding all the worries from its members. Poor, very poor.
  9. Nailsdog


    Re: 87+ Rochdale's spending for the season has topped £15,000,000. Manager Adam Whitworth had this to say " We had money in the bank doing nothing so it was time to spend and try and get back to the 1st division. We have been promoted twice, but relegated twice. We want to make a real push and become established in the top division. The only way to do this, is by signing quality players. Yes, we have spent over 15 million, but i can promise the fans that more signings are on the way. It might take a few months to benefit from these signings, but myself and the board feel we have invested wisely". Stand out signings has to be - Timo Werner & Zakaria Bakkali. "We payed a lot of money for these players, but their quality is there for all to see".
  10. Nailsdog


    Re: 87+ Rochdale Strength: No real star players but a decent first eleven none the less gives them a fighting chance of getting back to the top flight this season. Decent size squad should bode well with the cup competition Weakness: Could do with a couple of genuine stars to push on and take the next step in their ambitions. Could find a lot of their games this season being close to a coin flip in which they will need a little luck to come out ahead. "No real star players" - Troy Deeney rose + 2 today to 85,
  11. Nailsdog


    Re: 87+ Time to get managing I feel though it would help if SM pulled their finger out and got on with the rating reviews Unfortunately there will be no chance of that. The game is not nearly as much fun since these ridiculous changes have been introduced. i just hope somebody from SM reads these threads and understands how many people are pi##ed off. Rant over
  12. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions Hi. Now the Brazilian season has kicked off and we are 4/5 games in, just wondered if there were any players (assuming they continue to play) that are in a break through season and may be due a rise? One example might be Brito Lins - 77 rated player, but has played in everygame of the new season. thanks.
  13. Nailsdog


    Re: 87+ Hall of fame entry. Appearances Alvaro Ampuero 41 appearances Kenneth Omeruo 45 appearances
  14. Nailsdog


    Re: 87+ Hopefully this time, Rochdale are better equiped for the rigours of Division 1 football as we dont want to become a yoyo club continually bouncing between the 2 divisions.
  15. Re: a couple of random risers Hi. After the season Callum Macmanamam has had, i would expect at least +4, +5 (82) + 86/87
  16. Re: Nahki Wells Maybe, but he's only playing at league two level. Even if Bradford go up via the playoffs i wouldn't expect a massive rise.
  17. Hi. Can't believe he is only rated 82:eek: He must be in for a rise, maybe + 4 or + 5. Money to be made on this guy for sure;)
  18. Re: PLEASE SM - Reintroduce the rating schedule!! Di Maria & Higuain gone back down today, this once great game is becoming almost amatuerish.
  19. Re: higuain rise Higuain & Di Maria gone back down today, this system is laughable:eek:
  20. Re: PLEASE SM - Reintroduce the rating schedule!! These latest changes are a joke.:confused: At least we can look forward to SM's reasoning for these changes:rolleyes:
  21. Re: Sort the ratings out Unfortunately the game has suffered greatly with the new system that has been introduced. I think the most frustrating thing is that SM continue to ignore most of its members who are not happy with the way things are going. There are many posts on the forum relating to this topic and although some members seem to like it, the vast majority dont. These latest random changes are crazy, and i completely agree with the Higuain = Lewandowski comment. This is also coming from a manager who has Higuain and De Maria in most of my teams. Personally, my main source of enjoyment from the game has been ruined and am utterly disgusted with SM's lack of response or reasoning. One very Disillusioned customer:confused:
  22. Re: General Risers. Now League review has changed. Cheers Man. Jody Lukoki Should get a +5/6 next time holland is reviewed.
  23. Re: General Risers. Now League review has changed. He climbed only 76 -> 78. I do not buy it, but could... This rise was in May, he is due another.
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