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  1. Re: Sky Blue Gould's Championship Prediction Thread! Great effort - well done. Any idea on when championship will be reviewed?
  2. Name. Lewis Dunk Posiition. CB Club. Brighton Age.19 Rating.75 Mins.900 On most game worlds as a free transfer, you should be able to get him for £473.000:eek: Rapidly approaching 1000 mins this season, should get a rise of 5.
  3. Re: Apostolos Vellios - Everton's Greek Striker He had only been on the pitch for 8 seconds before scoring with his first touch.
  4. Re: Craig Dawson Just a quick update. Craig has been selected to play for the England U21's. He has played 3 times and scored 3 times!!!. Not bad start for a defender. He is on the verge of breaking into the West Brom Side. An unbelievable rise through the leagues. Radcliffe Borough / Rochdale/ West Brom - England U21's all under 4 years. This boy will be a premiership regular anytime soon.
  5. Re: Marvin Sordell - get him while he's cheap! Err, mate- I was sticking up for you. I agree that he is a good signing. The other guy was dissing your original post. Chill out.
  6. Re: Marvin Sordell - get him while he's cheap! Very true, but most people wont sign him because he will get to 90+, they sign him to make a quick buck.
  7. Re: Jesé Rodriguez Added today 75.
  8. Re: Paraguay Risers. Get them quick Not sure when, but if you consider they will have a transfer ban for 3 months there is a good chance that this league will be reviewed then. I cant say for definate, but im pretty confident about the ratings change.
  9. Here is a list of Paraguan Risers. There are some pretty decent risers. Cesar Benitez---- CB/RB -75--(80) Cerro Port Ivan Torres---- LM -78--(82) Cerro Port Angel Reinaldo Orue---CF -75--(81) Libertad Jorge Gonzalez -------CM - 77--(82)Libertad Tobias Vargas--------GK - 75--(80)Libertad Robin Ariel Ramirez----ST - 77--(82)Rubio Nu Juan Nunez ----------CB - 75--(80)Tacuary Lorenzo Frutos-------FWD - 78--(82)Sol De America Rodrigo Romero ------GK - 75--(80)Trinidense Angel Daniel Encisco-- MID - 78-(83)Sportito Luq Silvio Torales--------- CM -75-(81/82)Club Nac Hope you manage to sign them in your gameworld.
  10. Just wondered if anyone knew what was taking so long with the latest updates? It was announced last Friday and a couple of players came on each review, but then nothing has happened. Its been nearly a week and no action. Very strange.
  11. Hi all, just a quick scout and i reckon most of these players will rise by 5. What do you all think? Yong Lee Def 75 Ulsan Hyundai Chul Hong Def 75 Seongnam Iihwa Bit-Garam Yoon CM 76 Gyeongnam FC Dong-Won Str 75 Chunnam Jun-Jae Nam Str 75 Incheon Utd Souza Santos Junior Str 72 Jeju United ******* Sang-Jin Park Def 75 Gangwan Souza Santos is the pick of the bunch. Bought all of the players in my game worlds. Snap them up while you can. Ta ra.
  12. Hi all, i know nobody knows for sure but when do you reckon the English Championship will be reviewed? I have only been on S/M since July and i can't recall it being done. Thanks in advance.
  13. Re: Craig Dawson Got a rise of 5 today. This guy will continue to climb, believe me.
  14. Takashi Usami is currently on the database rated 75. He plays for Gamba Osaka in the Japanese A League. He is 18 years old, played in 26 games and chipped in with 7 goals from midfield. A first team regular with over 1800 minutes and scores goals as well. Buy him now, this geezer will rise.
  15. Re: A couple of Greek Risers You were right sakis. A rise of 7 and 6. Pretty pleased with my first scouting mission. Signed both for my Rochdale team for £400k. Now worth £3,800,000 each
  16. Hi all. Before i start telling everyone about this little gripe, can i first say how much i enjoy playing soccermanager. I have been involved since July this year and am completely hooked, so much so that i have bought a gold membership. One small thing that bugs me though is that i have noticed that the top jobs in the english league (man u, chelsea, Arsenal etc) always go to managers with stupid log in names and virtually no experience, ie they always have a manager reputation of around 45. Then to make matters worse they always seem to leave after only 1 or 2 games, before the process starts again. Has anyone else noticed this? Thanks
  17. Not sure when Greek league will be reviewed again, should be shortly though. Found a couple of young risers. Giannis Fetfatzidis 75 - Should get a rise of 4/5 Konstantinos Manolas 76 - Should get a rise of 4/5 Any other Greek potential out there?
  18. One for the future here guys. 17 year old midfielder currently playing week in week out for Southampton. Chipping in with a few goals as well. Currently on the database @ 70. Just snapped him up for £8000k as he is a free agent. This boy will rise - definately.
  19. 78 Rated midfielder - played every game for Hull City. Should get a decent rise when championship is reviewed. I reckon he should get a rise of 5.
  20. Re: List of risers Marvin Sordell 75 - 80 Watford. Played every game scored 6 goals.
  21. Re: How to work out ratings? Thanks, that is very helpful. How is your thread coming along for the new ratings. My first ever prediction on this board going off what you have said is Dani Schahin @ greuther. he is currently 75, played a lot of games and should get a decent rise, what do you think?
  22. Re: Next to be reviewed: Segunda división, Serie B, Ligue 2 and Bundesliga 2 dani schahin
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