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  1. Re: How to work out ratings? Thanks for the tip. How is it worked out though? If they play so many games does it go up by one?
  2. Hi all. I was wondering if somebody could point me in the right direction for the best websites to work out future player ratings. I am new to the game and love reading the prediction posts for upcoming ratings that members post on here. I would love to have a go myself but dont know where to start. Any advice would be greatfully appreciated. Thanks
  3. Hi all. Apologies if this is in the wrong section, but what is happening with the current league reviews? Nothing has changed for weeks. Once again, apologies if this is in the wrong thread or been covered somewhere else. Thanks.
  4. Re: Craig Dawson Quick update on Craig Dawson. He has played every game for Rochdale who are now in league 1. He also already has 2 goals this season. Still only 20 years old, Dale sold him to West Brom for £700,000 and loaned him back to dale for the rest of the season. I am a big dale fan, and this lad is absolutely awesome, getting better each game. What this lad has acheived in his short proffesional career is amazing. He must be due a rise next time league 1 comes around.
  5. Young CB plays for Rochdale. Last season was his first season in the football league @ 19. 12 goals from defence and voted league 2 player of the year. Premiership and championship teams sniffing around. Dale have already turned down 2 bids from Middlesborough believed to be around £750000 This boy will go far.
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