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  1. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread What else do you expect him to do then? That is the sole reason he is in the team. When Messi and co are breaking forward, hes the one who stays back and guards the defense, if even he breaks forward with them, they would concede tons more goals. He is a vital part of the barca team, and as long he will stay playing for them, he will reach the 94 rating which you said that other people are (correctly) saying.
  2. Re: Graphics Design Feedback very nice these are, i feel youve gone too overboard on colours tho, they look far too contrasted. As you said, nasri v2 is best, stock is nicely placed and image looks clean. kiu
  3. Re: World Championship 10000 Discussion thread cheers mate Its amazing how every club is taken, i dont there ever has been a setup like this.
  4. Re: Graphics Design Feedback LOL' date=' so true, i might just make another account to tell the mods what i think of them Someone asked me if i had a MSN account, i said no and told him to join this forum, so i get banned for 'advertising'. a warning wouldve been nice, but you dont need to go over the top.
  5. Re: World Championship 10000 Discussion thread cheers mate
  6. Re: World Championship 10000 Discussion thread Got gremio!
  7. Re: Official Arsenal Thread My man of the match, sensational today. AKA Paul:o:p
  8. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread Wilshere was just brilliant today, the breal from midfield at the start of the second half was outstandiing, shame his shot let him down. As for MOTM tho, it has to be Koscielny, bullied the barca forwards. AKA Paul:o:p
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