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  1. I am part of a competitive game world, all good players are managed and money cant really buy you much! I have a decent squad, but too many strikers that arent quite good enough, looking to cash in or trade but dont know what ones to sell! Any comments appreciated! ROSSI, Giuseppe (92) DOUMBIA, Seydou (90) SOW, Moussa (90) REUS, Marco (89) PIZARRO, Claudio (90) SOLDADO, Roberto (90) DERDIYOK, Eren (89) GIROUD, Olivier (88) DAMIAO, Leandro (88) WELBECK, Danny (88) DE JONG, Luuk (88) Who should I sell, and who should i realistically try and buy?
  2. I currently have ambrossini, raul meireles, modric and huddlestone as cm my wingers are barnetta, lennon, reyes, willian and bale im not sure if i should do this deal or not? help! thanks
  3. Re: Next 90+ LB? nacho monreal, will probably be spain's next lb
  4. Re: Swap deal - Pablo HERNANDEZ for Eric ABIDAL yeh its a good deal, hernandez will rise at some point, and abidal will most likely be 91 rated in a few weeks. if you need a new lb have a look at monreal
  5. Re: Player Rating Changes.(best risers to buy in EUROPE) really good effort man, mustve taken ages haha! i dont agree with everything, but it would be amazing if i did coz we all have our own opinions and predictions change pretty much every time a player has a good/bad run of games. i really need advice on jagielka, im in a really competitive league and he is pretty much the only unmanaged cb that has a chance of 90... is he worth buying?
  6. Re: A 88+ riser in the position of cb and rm!! I need one badly!! all cb's mentioned plus hummels, subotic miiibs and try pablo hernandez for rm!
  7. Re: Which forward to buy? Hulk is unstopable, 90 this time round, but if he keeps playing like that he is best player in the league and i think portugal can go upto 93, then he can move to another team... he is also the cheapest option at the moment
  8. Re: Help my squad!!! Looking for a lb!!! get rid of gourcouff- bring in mikel, or song or javi martinez, or hamsik/ozil if possible rb- schwaab, marco motta, van der weil, lb - bale?, ansaldi, lucas shmitz, makeev, gibbs
  9. Re: any future srikers?? how about necid - doesnt stop scoring for me derdiyok holtby doumbia lewandowski luuk de jong riviere luis suarez - 26 goals in 22 games for me
  10. Re: CB help - 88-89 rated in for a rise haha again all taken, do you know if any of my team at the moment are in for rise/ drop also does anyone know if jagielka in for a rise??
  11. Re: CB help - 88-89 rated in for a rise Cheers man, but they are all taken, and most of them put as unavaliable to transfer
  12. Re: Defensive midfielder Javi Martinez, Mikel, Busquetes, Banega, Huddlestone, M'vila, Rodwell, Kompany, Sandro
  13. My current CB's are either old about to drop or not going to rise anytime soon, my league is very competitive so all obvious ones have been taken up ages ago - Badstuber, hummels etc. BODMER, Mathieu 27, 90 UJFALUSI, Tomás 32, 90 GAMBERINI, Alessandro -28, 90 M'BIA, Stéphane CB 24, 89 CARRICO, Daniel 22, 88 BASSONG, Sébastien CB 24, 88 REINARTZ, Stefan CB 21, 86 RUIZ, Víctor 21, 84 HOWEDES, Benedikt DDef 22 88 these are my CB's at the moment, im looking for a 88 or 89 that might get a 90 in next changes and not too obvious, any help appreciated
  14. Re: Which Part To Improve From My Squad Thread Hi guys, i was wondering if you could help with my squad, i have about £1m due to buying youth players which might have been a mistake so i now have to sell some first team players for money. PALOP, Andrés GGk 36 91 £6.6M 0- 7.20 HART, Joe GGk 23 89 £9.0M BODMER, Mathieu CB-CMCB/CM 27 91 £13.0M UJFALUSI, Tomás CB-RBCB/RB 32 91 £8.9M SAKHO, Mamadou CB-LBCB/LB 20 88 £10.9M BASSONG, Sébastien CB-LBCB/LB 23 88 £7.7M - HOWEDES, Benedikt DDef 22 88 £7.9M TYMOSCHUK, Anatoliy DM-CMDM/CM 31 92 £11.5M JOSUE, Anunciad
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