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    Re: the next 90+ players that are 88 or less
    I think everyone participating on this form knows of all the 86-88 players that will become 90. This form needs to be "the next 90+ players that are 85 or less"
    WE all know about bale, de gea, ajohnson, hart, van wolfswinkel, d luiz, lukaku, and if you dont know about guys like these, you must not be very interested in soccer and then i ask why are you on soccer manager.
    To help out the people on this site who might not follow soccer as closely as others, we need to weed out all the studs that just havent been given their rises yet. Bale has been the best soccer player in the world outside of ronaldo and messi this past month. De Gea was a 17 year old playing in the uefa cup final. Van wolfswinkel is the current top scorer in the dutch league. Luiz was given a 40 million price tag by benfica. These are all so painfully obvious risers that it makes this thread a moot point.
    To really help out those who want to find the best buys, guys like nolito on barca b's team whose being courted by a lot of top clubs and just raised to 82 from 77. He has the talent to potentially reach 90 in the next year or two. I'm glad someone mentioned Schurrle, also holtby of dortmund needs to be mentioned, ilicic on palermo needs to be mentioned, gael kakuta, josh mchecheran, guieda fofana (bet none of you have heard of him as he plays in the 2nd french ligue, but is an amazing immense talent). Martin Kelly (just made full premier league debut and did amazing against chelsea) These are the guys that need to be talked about. To mention bale and de gea, etc is just so redundant throughout this site its crazy. We all know these are the best of the best and only aren't 90 because sm hasnt changed them yet. Really digging and finding talent is much more helpful than just mentioning the best of the best not to be raised yet.
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