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    like football duh play like mad
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    football,soccer manager,msn,keepin fit at gym
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  1. Re: Want a new signature... Get one here! hiya m8 just wondering what the word on the sig was?? Just Asking cheerz m8
  2. Re: Want a new signature... Get one here! can i get one of ronaldo doing a stepover with my name in the top right or an Alan Hutton one plz
  3. Re: new setup 2 more than 20 cos a wanna see rangers in it and a suppose celtic a was thinking of adding in a bogey team in each league like stoke & vallavoid
  4. Re: new setup 2 like iht m8 gd idea what do yous all think of it
  5. Re: new setup 2 yeah m8 ano u weren't trying to shoot me down save that for the league;)
  6. Re: new setup 2 Wew Whats Your Ideas
  7. Re: new setup 2 once we get 40 it'll be 4x10's it'll golike this Ratings wise number 1 team - division 1 number 2 team - divison 2 number 3 team - division 3 number 4 team - division 4 number 5 team - division 1 number 6 team - division 2 number 7 team - division 3 number 8 team - division 4 AND SO ON
  8. Re: new setup 2 yeah sure must be it
  9. Re: Xbox360 - Xbox Live! yeah ma gamertag is w33 5p4rky 2007 ano it looks really wierd anywayz am on now n agen mostly till 2 and 3 in the morning only really play halo 3 and army of two
  10. Re: new setup 2 ok it is first come first served and tht was a typo by me bout the teams am sorry
  11. Re: new setup 2 no a meant if more than 1 person asks but its first come first served so the teams applied for are yours
  12. Re: new setup 2 ur in the draw
  13. Re: new setup 2 al put u in the draw
  14. Re: new setup 2 will you really really sorry m8 they're shevas team
  15. Re: new setup haha yeah sorry bout iht anywayz am made a new topic is new setup 2 u want a team
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