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  1. Re: Want a new signature... Get one here! hiya m8 just wondering what the word on the sig was?? Just Asking cheerz m8
  2. Re: Want a new signature... Get one here! can i get one of ronaldo doing a stepover with my name in the top right or an Alan Hutton one plz
  3. Re: new setup 2 more than 20 cos a wanna see rangers in it and a suppose celtic a was thinking of adding in a bogey team in each league like stoke & vallavoid
  4. Re: new setup 2 like iht m8 gd idea what do yous all think of it
  5. Re: new setup 2 yeah m8 ano u weren't trying to shoot me down save that for the league;)
  6. Re: new setup 2 Wew Whats Your Ideas
  7. Re: new setup 2 once we get 40 it'll be 4x10's it'll golike this Ratings wise number 1 team - division 1 number 2 team - divison 2 number 3 team - division 3 number 4 team - division 4 number 5 team - division 1 number 6 team - division 2 number 7 team - division 3 number 8 team - division 4 AND SO ON
  8. Re: new setup 2 yeah sure must be it
  9. Re: Xbox360 - Xbox Live! yeah ma gamertag is w33 5p4rky 2007 ano it looks really wierd anywayz am on now n agen mostly till 2 and 3 in the morning only really play halo 3 and army of two
  10. Re: new setup 2 ok it is first come first served and tht was a typo by me bout the teams am sorry
  11. Re: new setup 2 no a meant if more than 1 person asks but its first come first served so the teams applied for are yours
  12. Re: new setup 2 ur in the draw
  13. Re: new setup 2 al put u in the draw
  14. Re: new setup 2 will you really really sorry m8 they're shevas team
  15. Re: new setup haha yeah sorry bout iht anywayz am made a new topic is new setup 2 u want a team
  16. Re: new setup 2 Barcelona- taken by me Chelsea inter real madrid- arsenal 123 milan-the way to play man united- daniel witlock valencia arsenal liverpool sheva Juventus Zaragoza Ajax Portsmouth Celtic Rangers Tottenham Lyon Bayern Munich Roma porto werder bremen Psv Marseille Bremen Benfica Villareal Bolton Everton Fiorentina atletico madrid any more suggestions just add in gd luck results are final and if u do not like your team and do not take them someone else will
  17. yeah sorry bout this a promised a setup in november but had to buy crimbo stuff women ko anywayz the teams available will follow soon
  18. Re: new setup so sorry about the delay but a had other things to pay for crimbo lol so a get paid on friday and will send away for gold membership straight away so setup should be running in3 weeks
  19. what times are the new setups made agin i i forgot!!!
  20. wee_sparky_mufc


    this deals seems really dodgy to me 1st he goes to milan for a crappy amount thn it gets revesed by the setup owner who then bids £23.2M + Salomon KALOU + Carlo CUDICINI - Accepted thats for ronaldinho if thats not enough the setup owner is chelsea
  21. wee_sparky_mufc

    Svr 2008

    anyone got the link for the caw on svr 2008 for the 360
  22. Re: new setup next cupl weeks setup should be goin defos b/fore mid november
  23. Re: MADRID FREE IN MY SETUP! i will put my name down iv gt a rep of 75 so am doin quite gd
  24. Re: MADRID FREE IN MY SETUP! i will put my name down iv gt a rep of 75 so am doin wuite gd
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