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  1. Nice thread, I'll comment on Man Utd only as ive been a supporter for 45+ years so think im qualified Man Utd Pogba to remain at 93 until he starts scoring more Matic to remain at 94 Mkhitaryan 92 >>93/94 coming into his own & if he can nail down a starting slot will rise to 94 Rashford 88 >>90. Producing more and more as he develops. Potential to rise to 94/95 in future Bailly 90>>91/92 fast agile and learning all the time. Definite riser Mata 93>>92 will be in and out of the team Herrera 91 >> 92 solid and dependa
  2. It's so frustrating but I'm never making another in game purchase from this site as what's the point?
  3. It's so frustrating but I'm never making another in game purchase from this site as what's the point?
  4. It's so frustrating but I'm never making another in game purchase from this site as what's the point?
  5. After he transferred Bale to his team on Boxing Day I finally quit in disgust Having paid for my own game world I now find myself having to leave it I hope SMFA read this because if this is the way they allow the game to be hijacked then I and countless others won't buy another world again!! He was called Pilgin and was from Croatia My game world was 230668 and he's ruined it for everyone, me included and I'm so angry about the lack of action by SMFA
  6. I've bought gameworld 230668 Initially it was great, I had lots of different managers playing and it was competitive A few months ago I had a manager arrive who began cheating in the transfer market He would be so obviously using two accounts to conduct deals with previously unmanaged clubs to buy their best players for peanuts I reported his dealings to soccer manager but nothing was done One by one the other managers started to leave in disgust Yesterday the last other manager left my gameworld leaving just me and the cheat who has ruined my world I reported him 2 days ago as he took
  7. Re: 4-2-3-1 Against the 3-5-2. Help!!!!!!!!!!!! I think you'll struggle against 3-5-2 with your 4-2-3-1 as you are going to get outnumbered in midfield and he will have complete control of the game through the possession. In my experience you are more likely to do better against this formation by either matching his formation, or my favourite tactic is to use 4-1-3-2, Tick counter attack, men behind the ball and set your tactics to defensive with a long ball game. This way you bypass his midfield with the long ball, and completely outnumber his defense with your attackers, allowing you to
  8. Re: Most Ridiculous Player Swap I must be in a Game World full of k.nobheads... I enquired about Jesus Navas and here is his managers reply... "I'll swap you Navas but it'll cost you Mesut Ozil, Gareth Bale and £27million..." Just what kind of idiotic suggestion is this?!?!? I told him to shove it and explained to him just what a tool he is
  9. Re: Cristiano Ronaldo... shaping up for 99... Great reasoning playingcards and I hope that you don't get too much abuse from some on here for posting a contentious statement. Personally I think you are spot on with your reasoning, that basically yes Messi is the more visually appealing in his style of play than Ronaldo, but Ronaldo just doesnt have ANY weaknessess in his game, left foot, right foot, header he can score with anything... He is so effective in matches now and with Mourinho now managing him he will become even more so. Ronaldo WILL reach 99 by the end of this season I'm sure o
  10. Re: Most Ridiculous Player Swap I can understand how some people have got their favourite players and value them higher than everyone else would, for instance mine is Paul Scholes, but sometimes you just know that the only explanation for someone to make such a ridiculous offer is that you are dealing with a knobhead*
  11. Re: Who should your team get rid of? Manchester United Sell : Anderson, Evra, Carrick Retire: Giggs, Scholes, Van Der Sar Buy: Stekelenburg, Ozil, Benzema, Bale, Gourcuff, Schweinsteiger
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