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    dwinder72 got a reaction from amar19 in 4-2-3-1 Against the 3-5-2. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!   
    Re: 4-2-3-1 Against the 3-5-2. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I think you'll struggle against 3-5-2 with your 4-2-3-1 as you are going to get outnumbered in midfield and he will have complete control of the game through the possession.
    In my experience you are more likely to do better against this formation by either matching his formation, or my favourite tactic is to use 4-1-3-2,
    Tick counter attack, men behind the ball
    and set your tactics to defensive with a long ball game.
    This way you bypass his midfield with the long ball, and completely outnumber his defense with your attackers, allowing you to outscore him, and by setting your tactics to defensive and men behind the ball, you've also got enough numbers to break down his attacks.
    Hope this helps and let us know how you get on
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    dwinder72 reacted to garymack in Talent Website   
    Been off for a few days and its been raining so have been screwing around with a website I had
    I have changed it to a football talent website, so it will have all the top talent from around the world....it doesn't have alot of space so its just list's with links to there stats..
    I have only done Argentina and Brazil so far but will get the rest done over the rest of the week.
    Please have a look and tell me what you think Good or Bad
    the link is below
    Edit:England now done
    Germany now done
    France now done
    Netherlands now done
    Spain now done
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    dwinder72 got a reaction from #rooneyisyummy# in Team Selection   
    As a relative newbie on here i'm still finding my feet when it comes to team selection.
    Intially i picked my team based on my players individual ratings and their fitness levels, however the team has to be rotated to cover injuries/suspensions/tiredness etc...at which point other 'fringe' players were played.
    Some of these 'fringe' players coming in have done extremely well, attaining match ratings much higher than the players they replaced, even though according to their individual ratings they arent as good.
    So I had a look at the 'Statistical' tab for my squad and organised the 'Average Perfomance' table to show the highest performing players in a descending order.
    By using this I can easily find the top '16' for my first team squad and fit them into my team accordingly to their positions.
    However am I correct in doing this to select my team or should I just go with the 'Highest Individual Rating' and pick my team based on that??
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    dwinder72 reacted to #rooneyisyummy# in Team Selection   
    Re: Team Selection
    no set answer for this
    depends on the players.
    eg a 87 rate forward was in top 3 scorers in my league beating rooney torres and players like that.
    i personally choose rating but if they are scoring then if it isnt broke, why fix it ?
    although form seems unpredictable at times and rating is the one thing you can gaurentee about a player
    so use your own experience with your team to make a judgement as form varies from team to team.
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