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  1. hy guys , i have in my team calos Tevez and Ibraimovic is available in an external club , and there is no other rop striker available . should i trade tevez for ibra? or shuld i stay with tevez? any one of them could drop? thanks
  2. hi guys what do you think about Sami Khedira ? is he gona rise again in the next changes? what CM is doing weel that shuld i buy? thanks
  3. Re: some good risers ? ok thanks guys . anyone more with te others?
  4. hy guys . Some times ago i brouht to my team some risers and now i just want to know if they gona rise son again our if should i sell them . Here are them : Mario gotze MO/Extremo 18 86 Josip ilicic MO/Extremo 23 86 Oliver bauman GR 20 82 Kevin garcia DE 21 82 Joel obi MC 19 77 Marvin sordell Av 19 73 Djikic DE 24 77 Jon artunetxe DC/DE 19 83 Kevin theophile-katerine Def 21 83 Mark albringhton MD/Extremo 21 84 Ruben perez MDef/MC 21 83 Joao victor MDef 22 82 Lopez juanmi Av/MO 17 78 sorry about my english . thanks
  5. Re: the best striker ok so i will do that.
  6. Re: the best striker yes both are available . But a read here in the forum that he isnt playing very well
  7. Re: the best striker tevez over ronney or torres ?
  8. Re: the best striker this are the wingers already token arshavin ribery van persie ozil iniesta and the strikers that are token are villa drogba ibra eto messi higuain forlan robinho
  9. Re: the best striker to dzeko be 94 i would have to wait 1 or 2 years . Is tevez a good option ? Is he in for a rise?
  10. hi guys i need to buy a striker and i have 35 M plus players to give at change . but some of the best are already token . (ronaldo is mine messi drogba eto ibraimovic and villa already token) who should i buy? should i put ronaldo at striker and buy a winger?
  11. Re: A 88+ riser in the position of RB and CM ivanovic is already taken
  12. Hello i am in need of a RB and a CM who will rise soon! i need a 88+ or 90+ for a good value! in CM position i have De Rossi , Essien , and khedira . in RB position i have Arbeloa and i use Zanetti like it . And who do you reccomend to trade de rossi? ( is xavi the best in CM ? ) thanks
  13. Re: Avatar Request's Here! hi mate . Can you do me something with aimar or benfica or my name? Thanks
  14. Re: ronney or other one? yes i have a good backup (forlan) and i need an center midfilder .
  15. Re: ronney or other one? and if i get drogba and essien? is it good?
  16. Re: ronney or other one? someone to help?
  17. Re: ronney or other one? yes , all top strikers are unmanaged club . i play with 4-2-4 and this is my team ---------Van der sar------------- -------------------------------- arbeloa--lucio--pique--ashley cole --------------------------------- --------zanetti------de rossi----- --------------------------------- Ronaldo-------------------robben --------------------------------- --------Ronney-----villa--------- and in backup i have David luiz , alexandre song , goran pandev , javier pastore diego forlan and vermalen what do you think i should change if i sell ronney?
  18. hi. received a bid for Rooney (43 M) . My strikers in the time are David villa ronney and forlan . i still have 18 M to spend . should I sell ronney and buy a cheaper player like drogba or Higuain or etto or any other striker ? if yes who? and invest in another sector of the team?
  19. Re: center midfilder sorry i forgot to say that i only have 25 M
  20. hi . guys i want to know if someone know a good center midfilder higer than 91 who gona rise soon or later . my center midfilders are DE ROSSI (94) , ZANNETTI (94) and SONG (90) thanks
  21. ruben20


    hi guys i made a mistake . i sell SNEIJDER to buy MESSI but what i didnt know is that I already bought three players from barcelona . which player (OFENSIVE MIDFILD) you recomend to buy ? is ozill going for a rise? i have 47 M to spend.
  22. ruben20


    Re: DM yes because carrick is 92 and song is 90 isnt that that count?
  23. ruben20


    Re: DM i dont like too much song . what you guys say about carrick?
  24. ruben20


    Re: DM i was thinkng in a guy 90+ because zaneti have 36 years and i would want a good player in case of zaneti gets tired.busquets is baned
  25. ruben20


    hi guys i have 15 M to buy a DM for second choice since i have Zanetti . who do you recommend? sorry about my english
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