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  1. Re: Ramires' position Even if he doesn't play there a lot, it should be considered. I mean, how did Phil Jones become a Def? When has that guy ever played LB? At least Ramires actually plays LW sometimes, unlike Phil Jones who simply isn't a LB. Maybe he could be a CM/Wing, like Milner.
  2. At the moment Ramires is a CM/RM. Don't you think he should become a "Mid"? He plays primarily as a CM, but is normally used for Brazil as a DM, he's played RM/RW for Benfica and Chelsea, and now he's been used as a LW for Chelsea in big games such as Napoli at home and both the Barcelona games. He definitely plays in all the midfield positions.
  3. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread I have a very strong feeling that Romeu will go back to Barcelona. His situation reeks of it. I think his agent even said he thinks Romeu will go back to Barca in 2013. Even in his first interview, he was talking about how he didn't want to look too far into the future and he was just happy to be at Chelsea for that moment (translates to "I'm happy to have a chance of game time at a big club for the moment before I head back to good old Barcelona"). Compare that with Lukaku who was delighted and made it clear this was the club he had dreamed of. I'd love to keep him but I don't see it happening.
  4. Re: Brazilian Serie A - By nicholasbig96 & JHM_daggers I agree you should definitely keep Damiao, Soutto and Bruno Cortes. Personally, I would keep Elton. Not sure about the rest though.
  5. admiralmurf


    Re: Signature Quite a simple one but I saw nobody else had replied. Here's the direct link: http://i1210.photobucket.com/albums/cc420/admiralmurf/SM%20Signatures/zteqsig.jpg When you add it as your signature, instead of making it your signature image, go to the "Edit signature" section at the top and select "Insert Image", then put in the link. It should work. If you use the bottom bit it only allows a set size. Hope this is what you were looking for
  6. Re: Warnock sacked as manager of QPR. It was always going to happen to be fair. Warnock is a Championship manager. I felt sorry for him, but QPR are a club that will be going for European football, especially with their money, so they'll need to attract top players. Players from Europe will know Hughes from his playing days and will be more attracted to that than someone like Warnock.
  7. Re: Lassana Diarra for Javi Martinez Haha cheers guys! Made me laugh too. Rep to you both.
  8. Re: admiralmurf Signature Requests Really sorry guys. Haven't been very active on this at all. I'm so busy these days I never really get any time to make sigs. Hopefully I'll start up again one day but for now I doubt I can make your sigs. Sorry again. I hope you find someone else to do them.
  9. I'm thinking of putting a bid in for Javi Martinez in one of my game worlds, and am thinking of offering a direct swap with Lassana Diarra. Would this be a good deal? Thanks.
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