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    Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions
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    Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions
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    Re: Signature
    Quite a simple one but I saw nobody else had replied. Here's the direct link:
    When you add it as your signature, instead of making it your signature image, go to the "Edit signature" section at the top and select "Insert Image", then put in the link. It should work. If you use the bottom bit it only allows a set size. Hope this is what you were looking for
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    Re: Lassana Diarra for Javi Martinez
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    Re: Lassana Diarra for Javi Martinez
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    Re: Lassana Diarra for Javi Martinez
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    Re: future chelsea goalkeeper
    I think a lot of people are overlooking the implementation of the new Financial Fair Play rules, meaning clubs can only spend what they are earning otherwise they are banned from European football.
    Chelsea (along with City and possibly some others) will be spending way beyond their means with wages, so to get under the limit they will have to be pretty much making no transfers and selling players. And then if they do make big purchases, I think a goalkeeper is least likely to be a priority, and then I think we can see the introduction of some younger players as they come into their peak.
    Might be completely off target here but that's the way I see it..
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    admiralmurf reacted to cadav in Which of these to sell/keep?   
    Re: Which of these to sell/keep?
    Keep Bruno Cesar, NO QUESTION. Trust me.
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    admiralmurf reacted to La libelulle in Which of these to sell/keep?   
    Re: Which of these to sell/keep?
    Keep Lucas(Leiva) too, he WILL rise.
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    admiralmurf reacted to cheekylad68 in Which of these to sell/keep?   
    Re: Which of these to sell/keep?
    I would definately keep hold of both the bolded ones mate.
    Whilst the others may one day have decent careers I cant see any immediate good risers amongst them .
    Lucas wont rise any further at present unless he moves to a bigger club. However he wont drop either so you could keep him.
    I would also double check in the Portuguese thread in re: Bruno Cesar and Elias as I only have limited knowledge on both.
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    admiralmurf reacted to gonich_losova in Sahin or Khedira?   
    Re: Sahin or Khedira?
    Keep Sahin. Khedira played Supercup, but once Sahin gets fully recovered, Khedira's going on bench. Mourinho said that he's ready to change tactics so he could fit Sahin in. Althoguh I doubt that that's gonna happen, it's practicaly sure that 2 first cm/dm for Real this year are Xabi and Nuri
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    admiralmurf reacted to Tombstone in Player concerns   
    Re: Player concerns
    My guess is that no new concerns will appear, otherwise that would negate the whole system, just turning off concerns because you had some.
    They will stay on, but then they will either increase or decrease depending on how much they play, like they do normally
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    admiralmurf reacted to Nabu in Bender or Grosskreutz?   
    Re: Bender or Grosskreutz?
    I would go for Bender. He might not be a playmaker but his defensive abilities are outstanding. In the Bundesliga I can not see any better 6 than him (Gustavo is close but unfortunately van Gaal seems to run wild these days and puts him on LB).
    For me Großkreutz is one of the players who benefits most of Dortmund's run. He is playing way beyond his limit and when Kagawa comes back he will have to compete with Kuba - and I would be surprised if he was able to come out on top.
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    admiralmurf reacted to kunasher in ||-Signature Tutorial-||- By Kunasher   
    Re: ||-Signature Tutorial-||- By Kunasher
    Second part
    Now add this texture...On screen....Mess with the opacity...Keep this texture near the face(not exactly on it) of the render you kept on screen...


    Now add this texture-Change the colour using "hue and saturation"and also keep this layer on screen ,full opacity...Do not place the whole texture,
    Place it such that there only a few flames on the players body like this-


    Now add this texture, and place it such that there are only a few sparks on his body...Keep it on screen.


    Now add the club badge....For this just drag and drop the club badge rom wikipedia directly on to the canvas....Keep it on screen...
    Lower the opacity until it becomes a bit translucent...Mine is 176...If any part of the club badge is coming on the players body,
    zoom in 600% and erase that part....
    Now for the really really cool part....Take a brush , at 250,and make two blobs at the side like this.....

    Now go to gaussian blur...Keep it at 170-180.....
    It should look like this...

    Now all the hard work is done...Add your text on a new layer(can't help,always mess up),flatten and save...!!!!
    My final outcome---

    This tutorial took 2.5 hours for a signature which usually takes 15 minutes....
    All reputation is appreciated...
    If you can't understand anything,feel free to ask me!
    Post your outcomes!
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    admiralmurf reacted to Rafa Mora in Liga BBVA (Predictions 2010-2011)   
    Respuesta: Liga BBVA (Predictions 2010-2011)

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    Re: Ronny77's Signatures And Avatars! - Gallery and requests!
    Rep please?
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    Re: admiralmurf Signature Requests
    Here it is :

    I hope you like it. Rep if you do
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    Re: admiralmurf Signature Requests
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    Re: Graphic Design Feedback
    Background looks too plain and I dont like the images, try not to distrort the players too much as it ruins the sig. The lighting looks ok in some but do keep practicing and search for some tutorials to help
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    Re: admiralmurf Signature Requests

    I hope you like it. Pay me in rep if you do
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    Re: Recommendations for 90-92 CBs?
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    Re: A2R's Avatars And Sigs
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    Re: Milner or Mikel
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    admiralmurf got a reaction from najduch5 in Chelsea Rating Predictions   
    This is my first thread, so I thought I'd keep it on familiar ground. Here are my current predictions for Chelsea at the next rating change, if the players keep doing what they're doing:
    Petr Cech: 94→94.
    - Undoubtedly one of the top 'keepers in the world, although being somewhat indecisive at times or the occasional error limits him to the 94.
    Henrique Hilario: 84→84.
    - Remains a benchwarmer in the same situation as he has been for a while now.
    Ross Turnbull: 85→85/84.
    - Seems to play in cup matches ahead of Hilario, although he was awful in pre-season and made a bad case for himself against Newcastle in the Carling Cup.
    Ashley Cole: 94→94/95.
    - When judging him on footballing ability alone, not many can say there is a better left-back in the world at the moment. He seems ever-present in every Chelsea attack whilst remaining solild defensively. SM conservatism will probably keep him at 94, although a double last season combined with Maicon managing to hit 96 could put Ashley Cole in contention for a 95 if he continues like this.
    Patrick van Aanholt: 80→82.
    - One of the potential future stars for Chelsea, Ancelotti has been giving van Aanholt some cameo appearances as well as a Carling Cup start. Most of the time, he has been very sound going forward, although at times in defense he hasn't been spectacular.
    Jose Bosingwa: 92→92.
    - Was injured last October and hasn't come back yet, although he should be fit in a week or two now. It isn't his fault that he hasn't played, so he should keep his 92. However, if Ancelotti decides to leave him on the bench when he is fit, a drop to 91 could be on the cards, although it is unlikely at this stage.
    Branislav Ivanovic: 91→92/93.
    - Plays like a machine at right-back. Very powerful in attack and defence. He was voted right-back of the season last year as a double winner. He has let his form drop slightly this season, so that he isn't so much of a stand-out player. However, he's certain of a 92 and could even push for a 93 if he ups his level of performance again.
    Paulo Ferreira: 88→89/90.
    - Ferreira has started to move back into the Chelsea team this season, starting ahead of Ivanovic at the beginning of the season and playing at right-back when Ivanovic moves to centre-back. Apart from a dodgy back-pass in the Carling Cup, he has been pretty solid and should get an 89. More appearances with good levels of play could put him back at 90, although it's unlikely.
    John Terry: 95→95.
    - Ever the solid leader and core of the Chelsea team, Terry will keep his 95. He hasn't made any drastic improvements since the last rating changes to push him to 96.
    Alex: 91→93/92.
    - The unsung hero of the Chelsea team. It was shocking that he didn't make Brazil's World Cup squad. He really should get a 93 this time round, and then a 94 afterwards. However, there is a slight chance that SM will decide to leave it at 92, although this would be very wrong.
    Jeffrey Bruma: 75→82/83.
    - At the moment, Bruma has a similar status in the Chelsea team to van Aanholt, so he should end up with about the same rating. He can look uncertain at times, but otherwise is looking like a very able centre-back. He recently made his debut for the Netherlands.
    Carl Magnay: 75→75.
    - Many people know little about Magnay, including myself. He has made a few appearances out on loan, but at the moment is injured and at Chelsea.
    Yuri Zhirkov: 92→90.
    - Zhirkov has done nothing to justify his huge price. The 'Russian Ronaldinho' seems frightened to attempt any skills or purposeful dribbling until very recently when it has failed. He says he'll leave Chelsea if he doesn't get first team football. In that case it looks like he'll be off, since he's given Ancelotti no reason to put big faith in him.
    Florent Malouda: 92→93/94.
    - Malouda is a completely changed player at Chelsea. He's playing with confidence in a front three for Chelsea, bagging some good goals. On form, the best left-winger in the world. He'll get a 93 for certain, but if he keeps himself near the top of the scoring charts until the rating changes, SM may be generous and give him a 94.
    Santos Ramires: 90→91/90/92.
    - Recently, he's been starting games for Chelsea and putting in decent performances. However, he does get muscled off he ball way too easily. With his current squad status, he'll get a 91. However, when Lampard, Mikel and Essien are all fit, we'll see where he truly lies. If he takes Mikel's place in the team, He could end up with a 92, but if the reverse happens, he'll keep his 90.
    Frank Lampard: 95→95/96.
    - Had his greatest ever scoring season last time round. Lampard will clearly keep his 95 at least. If he keeps scoring at the rate he was in the closing months of the league last year, though, he could be looking at a 96. Realistically he'll only get a 96 if Chelsea have another successful season.
    Michael Essien: 95→95.
    - He really is the complete midfielder, and the power of the Chelsea team. He's been popping up with some rare goals this season. Essien will keep his 95 most probably, unless Chelsea win big.
    John Obi Mikel: 91→92.
    - Does his job infront of the back four. He's a much improved player, and has started getting the yellow cards out of his game. A 92 is very probable.
    Conor Clifford: 75→75.
    - He played well in the FA Youth Cup recently, and continues to play in the reserves.
    Josh McEachran: 75→83.
    - After some impressive performances this season, including a dazzling substitute appearance against Newcastle, McEachran is showing true promise, and is already being compared to Jack Wilshere. He's been earning time on the pitch and should continue to do so. In this case, he'll get about a 83 due to the level of play.
    Michael Woods: 75→75.
    - A young prospect at Chelsea who is yet to make an impact.
    Gael Kakuta: 77→83/84.
    - For Chelsea, he's been good in the games he's played this season. His performances for his country over the summer could push him ahead to an 84.
    Jacob Mellis: 75→75.
    - Again, one of the prospects that hasn't made an impact as of yet.
    Yossi Benayoun: 90→90.
    - Benayoun has made a good enough start to his career at Chelsea, bagging one goal. However, he is clearly a bench player in the squad and will continue to be just that.
    Nicolas Anelka: 93→94/93.
    - Anelka really deserves a 94 based on his performances for Chelsea. He drifts around the pitch, linking up play and stretching the opposition to allow players like Lampard, Malouda and Drogba to get chances on goal. If he goes through a bad patch and sulks in his trademark fashion, though, he might end up keeping his 93.
    Salomon Kalou: 90→91.
    - Kalou has been in and out of the Chelsea team, usually coming off the bench to make an impact, or otherwise starting the game. Towards the end of last season and the beginning of this one, he's been amongst the goals for Chelsea so he'll probably get a 91.
    Daniel Sturridge: 85→86/87.
    - Ancelotti has put great faith in Sturridge by giving him a fair amount of game time this season. He's got himself a couple of goals as a result. He should rise, although this will be limited by Daniel being selfish at times, trying to impress the manager.
    Didier Drogba: 96→96/97.
    - The potential 97 is there as a sign that Drogba is categorically the best striker in the world at the moment. He'll have a 96 minimum come the next changes. In Drogba's 6 games this season, he has achieved 5 goals and 5 assists. At this rate, SM may be obliged to give him a 97. I personally think this will be based on Drogba's Champions League performance, since domestic goals and assists alone won't push him past a 96.
    Fabio Borini: 75→75.
    - Remains reserves captain. This season, he hasn't been making the cameo appearances he did last season.
    Philipp Prosenik: 72→72.
    - Continues to work with the youngsters. No sign of a first team appearance.
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