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  1. Re: baines Not imo mate, I bet ya Baines is in the Premiership team off the season and Cole wont be.
  2. Re: baines Great player better than that Ashley Cole, would love him at Anfield.
  3. Re: Erik Lamela Any links to these big clubs being linked with him?
  4. Re: Eric Dier - 16 years old and has already signed a pro-contract with Sporting! Only signed for Everton as his parents are moving back to England, read a good piece about this kid yesterday in the local rag.
  5. Re: Ross Barkley- Another Everton Homegrown Player coming through the ranks!! Most Blue noses that I speak too think that Jake Bidwell is going to be the next big thing at Goodison mate.
  6. Re: Young Japan Promises Yoshiaki TAKAGI: 75 ~ 81/82 Takagi wont jump 6/7 points whilst in the Japan 2nd division, in fact I doubt that league will get reviewed this time around.
  7. Re: Zele Ismail Ya seen that Skills School
  8. Re: Free agents In a old set-up theres no way off knowing whos now a free agent, like in one off mine I've just got Nene LM/WING 90 off Paris as a free agent spotted him when the French db changes came up, if your joining a new set-up just think or check the net for players without clubs atm.
  9. Re: Top players? Ruben De La Red
  10. Re: Brazilian - Pernao Any links to that news mate?
  11. Re: Anyone found Pablo Iglesias? No he wont be on the DB for ages mate.
  12. Re: Anyone found Pablo Iglesias? 24 Nov 2010 ... Deportivo La Coruna president Augusto Cesar Lendoiro expects compensation from Real Madrid over their signing of junior star Pablo Iglesias.
  13. Re: Kristoffer Peterson- 15 year old Liverpool target Liverpool is fast becoming the graveyard for up and coming star as the never get a chance there.
  14. Re: Aras Ozbiliz--------Amazing new Ajax talent came onto the DB today rated 75.
  15. Re: Zezinho HAHA I will buy the real Zezinho from Sporting once he gets his first game.
  16. Re: Mario Gotze - Another German Talent He'll be 83/84 within 5 days mate.
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