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  1. Re: German Bundesliga - 2012 Ratings Hi, was wondering whether Heiko westermann will drop? hamburger had a bad season last year so I'm curious. What do you think?
  2. Hi all, I was just wondering how managers can manage a top club in gold championship game worlds. As a manager who has a rep of just 56 is managing Manchester United in a new game world after the original manager left. How does it work, is it first come first served or something? any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Been offered Holtby and Papadopoulos for Navas. I'm in a GC so its quite competitive and these two are definite risers for the future, maybe even next changes but I'm still unsure whether to let my star player go. Any advice is appreciated.
  4. Re: Brazilian risers Nice work mate.
  5. Re: Real Life Clubs Help Lol. same problem, beginning to think no such tab exist.
  6. Re: My Youth Squad - Who should I sell or keep? From what I know keep: Jorden Ayew yannis taffer (described by some as the next Karim Benzema) Khouma Babacar sime Vrsaljko Mats Rits Jose Baxter (Played in one game this season but with moyes track record of bringing through young players you can bet on this guy being a future riser) Alajarin Joel I'd keep the players mentioned, since they are either at a big clubs and will therefore have a chance of rising in future rating changes OR they are good prospects. Like I said these players to my knowledge you should keep and all the other I'm not to sure about. I hope this helps narrow down your list.
  7. Hi, I have been offered Per Mertesacker in return for Silveira Juan and Rafael Da Silva. Obviously Rafael is a huge talent whilst juan is on his his way down. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Re: Javi Martinez-Worth buying? Buy Martinez!! The guy is a future starter for the national spanish team and will almost certainly move to a bigger team therefore increasing his SM value. It also depends on your setup and whether or not you need a midfielder?
  9. Re: Who Should I Release/Sign Get De Rossi. Ballack and Perotta are past it and your right they probably will go down so if you can get De Rossi get him. I would personally sell the both of them and use the cash to buy De Rossi and on top of that you can buy robben with that extra wad of cash! Not sure of your exact situation but defo get De Rossi!!
  10. Re: javier pastore Mate I would strongly recommend the deal for javier pastore. The guy is pure class and could potentially rise to 93+. I haven't seen him play alot but from what I have seen he has certainly more potential than christian eriksen and danny rose. However a point to note is how much cash does the person want?
  11. Re: Need help / RM-Winger Shuan Wright Phillips. Bargain if you can get him.
  12. Re: Ramires for Neymar Depends on what your goal is, short or long term? In the short term its got to be ramires simply because his playing for chelsea and his gonna be getting games in the premier league and champions league. Therefore his rating will be greater +1/2 in the short term. Long term you gotta go for Neymar as sikhkidd said. So question is how long does your mate plan on keeping this team of his? and you have your answer:)
  13. Re: Andrés Iniesta or Cesc Fabregas Andres for cesc + 5million but for some reason smfa deem this unfair or whatever, I mean its not like we're cheating or anything but these sort of interventions from SM seem to be getting more common. Alot of people in my game worlds are saying as much. sad really.
  14. Re: Andrés Iniesta or Cesc Fabregas Yeah thats what the plan is but what can I do if smfa feel like blocking the deal:mad::mad:
  15. Re: Evra and Cole Hate to say it as a utd fan but I agree with adam_x, utd will struggle this season. Fergie has missed a trick by not investing in the summer, we need a new midfield and its so painfully obvious other than to fergie it seems!
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