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  1. Re: Brazilian cheap prospects (70-79)
  2. Re: Riferimento: Russian and Ukraine Player Analysis 2010
  3. As i did for other countries, i'm going to list young low rated players from Israel League... Since the last review (August 2010) a whole league was played, so a lot of them can appreciably increase their rating. As always, in each line will be indicated: name, age, rating, minutes played, appearences, appearences as starter and goals. TAWATHA, Talb LB/LM 19 75, 1476 min 18 app 16 sta 1 goal PILYAVSKY, Andriy DM/Def 22 77, 1440 min 16 app 16 sta MARINKOVIC, Nenad AM/Fwd 22 76, 1136 min 13 app 13 sta 2 goals MUGRABI, Firas Fwd 19 78, 2547 min 32 app 29 sta 3 goals BEN HARUSH, Omri LB
  4. Riferimento: New superstar Teteh Bangura! yeah,he's definitely a good riser
  5. Re: Worldwide Risers great thread...take cue from my risers list...
  6. Re: Argentina Clausura Due to next review of Argentina Primera Division, i was looking for some players low ranked (70-79) who will raise... i don't know a lot about argentinian football, so i found them only because of stats. Reds are big risers. If anyone more expert wants to predict their raise, i'll be gladful. CANTEROS, Héctor CM 22 75 IZQUIERDOZ, Carlos CB 22 75 TORRES, Adrián LM 21 75 MIRANDA, Pablo CF 26 75 DAMONTE, Israel CM/AM 29 79 FURCH, Julio César CF 21 78 BERARDO, Nicolás LB/LM 20 77 RIUS, Ciro Wing/Fwd 22 78 BAEZ, Cristian RB/CB 21 75 PEREZ, Jorge DM 21 72 COLAZO,
  7. Re: Brazilian cheap prospects (70-79) that's enough. Are you serious? you posted a nearly 60 names list one month ago. By the way, for risers hunters, a quite useless list, because a lot of them are not in DB, and you don't specify which one is short term and which is not. NOONE has copied your blessed list, i did mine reviewing in 30 minutes Serie A stats. Would be longer copy your list, cream off players, and adding some more you didn't put in your list. By the way, due to reputation gained, probably others forum users found it interesting. As you have a ph.d. in brazilian football, just
  8. Re: Japanes young risers as i promised' date=' 12 matches were played, i'm going to upload stats: as usual, minutes played, appearences, apperances as starterts and goals. NOBORIZATO, Kyohei LM/Wing 20 75, 526 min 8 app 7 sta 1 goal SAKAI, Hiroki RB/LB 21 75, 711 min 8 app 8 sta YAMADA, Hiroki AM 22 75, 847 min 12 app 11 sta 2 goals TAGUCHI, Taishi AM/Wing 20 70, 8 min 2 app 5 benches KOBAYASHI, Yuki CM 22 75, 1080 min 12 app 12 sta ITO, Sho CF 22 73, 591 min 8 app 7 sta YAMAZAKI, Ryohei Fwd 22 76, 649 min 8 app 8 sta 3 goals WATABE, Daisuke RB/RM 22 78, 1034 min 12 app 12 sta
  9. Re: Brazilian cheap prospects (70-79)
  10. according to first 5 matches played, here you have some players who have accumulate several minutes and appearences in Brazilian Serie A. I don't follow at all Brazilian football, so i revewed ONLY stats. BTW, is too soon to know how much they can rise, however (especially for Gold Championship users) this is the best moment to buy these players, before other users can steal you EDUARDO, Luiz CB 18 75 WILLIAN, Gomes Fwd 24 78 HÉBER, Araújo CF 19 75 NEM, Wellington AM/LM 19 75 JUNINHO, Evanildo LB/LM 21 78 SOUTTO, Fillipe DM/LB 20 75 GIOVANNI, Augusto AM/Wing 21 78 ZEN, Lucas CB/DM 20
  11. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions iS Wellington Nem good buy? i saw SM has just created him, and he played first, second and third match. Did he played decently? he was always replced
  12. Re: A-League 2010-2011 some good risers here... do you have any news about patafta? he doesn't look like a good buy.. he only played 150 mins and now, according to transfermarkt, is in the suad of an unknown aussie club called MANLY UNIDOS...
  13. Re: Allsvenskan and Eliteserien Young Risers
  14. Re: When on earth are the chinese ratings going to happen? last review of china was in july 2009, two years ago.
  15. Re: Respuesta: Chile - Division 1 Risers just rose to 80.. at this time SM was just too generous with a 10k player
  16. Re: Sheanon Williams - Big Riser even better: this guy is rated 77, not 78
  17. Re: Who are likely to be next on the rating schedule? i totally agree with you... zilina was in Champion's league in this season and there are players who get appearences in champion's league and still under 75 rated.. anyway i think china, slovakia, slovenia, latvia, finland and maybe even lietuva, estonia, iceland and ireland will be reviewd this summer
  18. Re: Russian and Ukraine Player Analysis 2010 nice risers.. have a look at russian risers in my signature
  19. Re: Respuesta: Chile - Division 1 Risers
  20. Re: Allsvenskan and Eliteserien Young Risers probably chepaest guys in this list koroma is regularly playing in his national selection (Sierra Leone), he looks like a good riser
  21. Re: Respuesta: Re: Uruguayan League juan, do you think Jonathan URRETA will stay/rise/drop?
  22. Re: Young Chilean Primera División risers i agree with you... btw, jaime and sanchez look actual steals...
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