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  1. Re: Counter formations Playing vs Palermo reigngin champion, they're always using this tactic... 541 3 CM are playing offensive Both LB and RB are playing difensive. Tackling Style Hard Mentality Normal Passing Style Short Attacking Style Through the Middle Tempo Fast Pressing Own Half Play Style Counter-Attack Rating is more or less the same. I've Demba Ba, Pazzini, Yarmolenko and Milevsky. So I need a pretty offensive tactics Tnx guys
  2. Re: It's Tough At The Bottom! As several clubs gonna be unmanaged for a long time I think we'd increase the squad cap number. Too many clubs are now bigger than 30. Guess 33 would be fairer.
  3. Re: The Minor Improvments Thread As height&weight have been added to soccerwiki, should be possible have there the second nationality? I find a bit annoying decide which is the first nationality for players who have two nationalities and no matches in national team. Should be easy and logic, huh?
  4. Re: International Friendlies I second this. BTW, the real point is: do anyone care about international management ATM? SM should improve section right now ... It's just the most boring and antiquated thing there.... I mean, we've a huge database constantly updated, why do we have make the same tedious random qualification groups vs the same 70 countries , just the World cup and every season? You cannot manage important african or asian countries, you can't enjoy a u-21 championship, that's pathetic... International mangement is one of the few benefits of gold users... When will SM learn t
  5. Re: 60-74 risers (divided into leagues)
  6. Re: Bulgarian APFG Riser Predictions 12/13 Good work... although Choco is 80+ for sure I'd say... constant starter in the reigning champion squad... SM can't be so harsh. I'm trying to have accepted Etar squad in soccerwiki. As they're unexplainably ignoring club tickets, most effective way seems to be adding players of that side... Sometimes it worked... Sent the ticket for Pivaty, the 22 forward.. If anyone wanna try to add Baydakov or Nerylon would be easier have Etar in DB soon...
  7. I don't know if anyone noticed or tried, but I just signed in the manager game in transfermarkt.de . I've never noticed before as it's only available in the german version of this website (in transfermarkt.co.uk the page isn't visible). You can see it in the menu of the left: between Deutschland and National Teams you have: "Managerspiel". As I don't speak german, I didn't understand almost anything about rules and running of this section.. As the uhge database of transfermarkt though, I'm tempted to try it... Anyone has any heads-up? tnx guys
  8. Re: Forumer Of The Year 2012 - Qualifying Group 11 shame on me... didn't wanna vote for myself, was just too curious to see results without even reading, and only after i noticed i can't change my vote. and it's public... ohhhh boy, ... please, count +1 for reb, and obviously-1 for the conceited argala... :D
  9. Re: 80-90 Risers Massive Database nice and useful list. repped.. feel free to add: KUDO, Masato 80>83+ UMESAKI, Tsukasa 80>83+ AMBROSE, Efe 80>82+ EZRA, Hen 80>82ยด+ TIBI, Eitan 80>82+
  10. Re: Paraguay Risers Oct 2012
  11. Re: Paraguay Risers Oct 2012 Josias retiring?? what the hec, not true at all!! he played regularly till september... EDIT: there's another one, guess was a double... my fault...
  12. Re: Financial Fair Play [Clubs + Rules] finally took over swansea please, tutor me in the beginning... ;)
  13. Re: Romania - Liga 1 - Steaua Bucuresti
  14. Re: Romania - Liga 1 - Steaua Bucuresti
  15. Riferimento: Re: The biggest ever risers GW: World Talent Scout yeah, 45 free slots are too much.... No worries, gonna spend some time spamming at the beginning of the new season.... ;)
  16. Riferimento: Re: Loans from Unmanaged clubs it's not still clear if the limit of 3 players for club it's still on for unmanaged clubs... If it is, honestly I don't think the wage of 3 players go to ruin finances of any club... For gold GWs, where i use to play, I can see only positive implications with this improvement. -More difficult find unmanaged players (as now 22-24 players in a unmanaged squad doesn't mean necessarily "I can raid") -Average ranking of minor leagues/low series unmanaged clubs should raise... That's should improve competivity in those leagues (where is honestly bo
  17. Riferimento: Loans from Unmanaged clubs Is it working in Standard and Custom worlds too? ;)
  18. Riferimento: Financial Fair Play [Clubs + Rules] I'm actually wating to be invited and accepted at Swansea... I did a mistake and rejected the offer... please invite me agan as tonight there's the match
  19. Riferimento: Re: ||War of the World|| glad to be onboard and delighted for your and arampage nice words... guess i can bid for players who'll arriva at season 2, uh? :rolleyes:
  20. Riferimento: Re: Riferimento: Financial Fair Play [Clubs + Rules]
  21. Riferimento: Financial Fair Play [Clubs + Rules] Rodrigo= just suggested me this GW... reading the rules... is it still possble to join it?
  22. Re: 60-74 risers (divided into leagues)
  23. Re: 60-74 risers (divided into leagues) nice... got him for 10k in some GWs... tnx for the heads up mate
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