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    Andy Jeffo

    Andy Jeffo has ruined almost every Gold Championship he enters by cheating. It's not a case of 'I wonder if it's just a bad deal', it's blatant. He makes new managers and puts them in several of his worlds, then cheats in each giving him a huge advantage. He's done it numerous occasions, probably using over 10 new identities. Myself and other managers continually send tickets to complain about his cheating, yet he always remains in charge of his clubs. I don't even receive notification of a ticket on the numerous times I've tried reporting him. It's got so bad, he openly brags about his cheati
  2. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread A fantastic run of 8 straight wins at the end of the season helped Lincoln improve on a terrible mid-season and saw us finish 9th. Prior to the 8 wins we had a run of 1 win in 12, if we'd managed a couple more wins in that time, perhaps we could have challenged for the play-offs. All in all, not a bad season for us and we're more positive for next season if we can carry that form over into next season. Many thanks to Spurs, Chelsea and Pompey for loans. Have been very quiet on here this season, will try and contribute more next season. Good
  3. Re: A new Forum filled EC (English Championship 7777 Coming Soon) You pulled out of one which involves Lincoln too. Appreciated...thanks
  4. Re: A new Forum filled EC (English Championship 7777 Coming Soon) Tell me about it. It's a hard enough challenge as it is, then when you can't get your best source of income it's doubly hard. 500k profit for a Div 4/5 club is massive, for the likes of Chelsea and Newcastle it's peanuts.
  5. Re: A new Forum filled EC (English Championship 7777 Coming Soon) Wow...that opened quickly Went to bed after watching the footy, it was on 7772. 7hours later and it's showing 7778, with 7777 already open Taken Lincoln. Only me in Division 4 at the moment, hope a few more join me down there soon.
  6. Re: A new Forum filled EC (English Championship 7777 Coming Soon) Is anybody down to buy the 7777 world, or is it we just fill it up once it's created? Looking forward to it as it will be my first forum filled gw
  7. Re: A new Forum filled EC (Please read) Just seen this (don't often check the EC forum), but sounds like it'll be a good one:D Will defo sign up, hopefully should have no problems getting Lincoln
  8. Re: Custom Setup Requires Managers Non League Masters is still in it's first season and many clubs still available. 36 English non-league teams battle it out - there are no Rooney's Ronaldo's or Messi's here - only managers with a keen eye for a bargain or a new young talent. Can you take the challenge? Search for the game world ID: 47029
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