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  1. Should I buy pique for 20 mil plus lucio and nani? I have many good midfielders such as fabregas and sneijder and cambiasso and de jong and bale. I think its a good deal, so I'm gonna make the offer, what do you guys think?
  2. Re: Thomas Muller = THIAGO SILVA ?
  3. Re: Thomas Muller = THIAGO SILVA ? Why does everyone think Thiago Silva is just a lock for 93? I'm sure everyone here would say Ivanovic does not deserve a 93, or that Hummels deserves barely a 92. If Ivanovic, Hummels, Subotic, Company are not rising next changes, then Thiago Silva deserves nothing close to a rise. The Italian league is absolute garbage and a strain on the eyes to watch. Man U, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Man City could win the Italian league rather comfortably. Just think about it, England's 5th or 6th best team took out Italy's best team.
  4. Re: Kaka= Neymar + Ganso + 20m? I wouldnt even come close to thinking about this deal. How many seasons in your league setup will have passed by before both Neymar and Ganso are both 91+? Maybe 10 seasons? Maybe more, if ever? Neymar looks on his way to superstardom, but look at chicharito, it took him a full season of amazing futbol, and he might get to 91, just might. That is an absolutely awful deal for Kaka and I would never even consider it.
  5. Re: Essien Deal This is how I thought of the deal. Essien is a strong 95 for at least another season on this site, maybe 94 at worst for the next 4 or 5 seasons in my league. Lass is a borderline 92, and if Pepe cannot get above 93 then I do not see Thiago getting to 94 until maybe 4 more player changes, if ever. Milan is not a strong enough squad to get his rating that high unless they bring in serious replacements this summer. My other cb's are pepe, pique, kompany, luiz and rannochia so I weakened an extremely strong part of my team to upgrade my starting cm or dm to 95. Silva was not even a starting player on my team, and when, not if kompany and de jong both get to 92, it will be as if thiago silva was never on my team.
  6. I am giving Lass Diarra and Thiago Silva for Essien. My current cb's are pique, pepe, kompany and luiz so this would be a steal right? What do you guys think Thiago Silva can max out at?
  7. Re: New Premiership Ratings By MaoaM 2010/11 the drop with gallas is fine, he hasnt been a 93 in a while to me. but toure?? are you kidding me, he has been a consistent 93 if not 94 performer this year. the doping test just came out 24 hours ago and we have no idea what the repercussions are.
  8. Re: New Premiership Ratings By MaoaM 2010/11 i didnt know it took that long to manually change the rating plus or minus one
  9. Re: New Premiership Ratings By MaoaM 2010/11 andy carroll also rose 1, so to me it kind of seems like they are done or have totally stopped the changes right now. i have never seen the changes done like this.
  10. Re: New Premiership Ratings By MaoaM 2010/11 So they are only dropping players and adding loanies right now? I dont get it.
  11. Re: New Premiership Ratings By MaoaM 2010/11 ghhhhhhhhhh
  12. Re: New Premiership Ratings By MaoaM 2010/11 why would nani and nasri not rise? what the hell is going on here? these rating idiots are so god **** stupid
  13. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2010/2011 (II) I love how Mario Gomez doesn't rise? What else does he need to do to get to 94? The guy has 28 goals so far for Bayern this year and the year isn't close to over. 7 champions leagues goals in 5 matches. Thats the best competition right? And he's averaging over a goal a game. Come on, raters. Just like you guys put di natale down to 92 for absolutely no reason. Now, you will put him back to 93 and admit your mistake. Gomez got his 93 at stuttgart scoring 24 goals in 32 games, and had 6 uefa cup goals. Why would he not rise now? This is the reason you now do 3 changes a season, so you can make on the fly changes to players playing great PRESENTLY. Gomez is currently a top 10 forward in the world. I'm sure you guys will put Berbatov up to 94, then I will really have a good laugh at how ridiculous all this **** is.
  14. Re: Higuain for Pato,Hummels and cash? haha do it for sure. potential 96 in pato and potential 93-95 in hummels!
  15. Re: sneijder for Ozil> No way it's a fair deal. Sneijder has no shot of dropping at any point in the future and I could see Ozil getting to 95 in maybe a year or two? He has not been producing prolifically enough to warrant another rise to 94 in the next changes and he might never get to 95 who knows? You have a lock at 95, and even sneijder could get better as his career goes on. He just came back from injury and hit a wonder volley, he's an absolute class act. To me in that trade you are getting waxed.
  16. Re: Lass diarra for Yaya Toure? haha u got schooled fool. lass is on his way to monaco and probably down to 90. if man city finish top 3, yaya could be in for 93
  17. Re: Gael Clichy - MASSIVELY overrated i agree, it makes no sense why sagna and clichy are the same rating. sagna is one of the best rb's in the world even if he is offensively challenged. clichy is better going forward but either rise sagna to 93 or drop clichy to 91. both are not on the same level
  18. Re: Official Player Ratings Discussion Thread how about stop arguing and just talk about football, then maybe people might want to read the thread
  19. Re: Alonso and Fabregas When two players do not play the same position, the only way to compare them is by how influential they are over the course of the game. With that being said, it is pretty clear to me that Fabregas is the better player here. In every game I watch him, he is the clear link from defense to attack, is always willing to drop back to get the ball on his feet, makes wonderful, incisive passes and forward runs of his own, and scores and assists goals at will for club and country. Alonso is a great long distance passer and spreader of the ball, with the occasional long range goal or great assist. Defensively, he is pretty good, nothing altogether special. I would consider Essien, Cambiasso, Busquets, De Rossi, Song, De Jong all to be of much higher caliber when it comes to breaking up the attack, and that is the main objective of a defensive midfielder. I believe someone had mentioned a while ago that Alonso was the most accurate passer in la liga, or something of that nature. If so, that doesnt take into account where the pass went and what the end result of the play was. His passing may be great, but its nothing even close to fab's. Cesc is always looking to score, always looking to go forward and always looking for that final ball to set the attacker free. Their passing is much different, and Fabregas passes like a game changer while Alonso passes as a part of a machine, just one link in the train tracks. You do not see Alonso changing games at will for Madrid or Spain, while Fabregas does it on a regular basis for Arsenal, and was a huge catalyst for Spain in the World Cup (especially in the final.) It is very obvious to me whom I would rather have, and who the "better" player is.
  20. Against Arsenal today, Ivanovic was the best player on the pitch for either team. Without his defending, the score might have been 5 or 6 to 1. I become more and more impressed every time I watch him. If Drogba didn't selfishly steal the ball from him when he dribbled 35 yards through 3 players, he might have had 2 goals today. My main point is that if I were SM, next rating changes I would up Ivanovic to 93 and bring terry down to the same mark. Terry has been woeful this season, and it seems like his age, lack of pace and nagging injuries are all catching up to him. He still makes great plays and does great things, but not at the "all-world" level he has been performing the last few seasons. It might be a tad drastic, but chelsea are on an 8-game stretch of 1 win in the premier league. Thats almost 2 months of awful results and it becomes clearer and clearer that ivanovic is becoming the better player than terry. What do you guys think?
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