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  1. Its been a long time since I posted here lol Unfortunately our transfer market mentality hasnt changed at all! The fact that we are going into the season with a makeshift back four is shambolic. Sanchez/Walcott will be in strike because Giroud isnt fit and Koscielny needs extended rest from the euros, yet somehow Sagna played for Man City yesterday!! Honestly frustrates me, it really does. We need to start treating the first day of the season as the market deadline day. I can only hope for the best today, I hope for a win but I think a draw seems on the horizon. Really disappointed to
  2. We did miss out on Schneiderlin, I woulda loved him here, but I cant say Im too worried with keeping Coquelin as a starting DM. Nineteen games last season and good performances is more than enough to say that Coquelin deserves to stay at the helm of the DM position. He is 24, so now really is the time to be giving him big responsibility and game time. As of now, I think we should go for a back up DM, now that Morgan has slipped away. On the other hand, someone like Giroud who has done okay, but has had enough time now, has just proven to be an okay player, so we need to replace him with a wor
  3. Firmino deal confirmed for 29 million. Brilliant player but I cant help but feel that youve overpaid here.
  4. When Cech is confirmed, it will be one off the list. Hopefully the Aubameyang rumours are true, cause I like that guy.
  5. Chelsea dont really have a choice. They offered Cech a deal, now theyre honoring it. He gets to move where he wants.
  6. We have also released our goalkeeping coach, Tony Roberts, probably to make room for Christophe Lollichon. It's all coming together now, Im expecting Cech to be confirmed soon.
  7. What the hell SM? I swear the old version was absolutely fine to be honest. Is there anyway to go back to the old layout? I know some forums allow you to select layouts.
  8. So make history by becoming the club to have won Europa the most times. 5 Spanish clubs also in the CL next season.
  9. Re: Official Premier League Discussion Thread Another one sorry Liverpool fans
  10. Re: Official Arsenal Thread German tabloid Bild reckons we have some good interest in left-back Ricardo Rodriguez.
  11. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Vidal to Arsenal? Its never gonna happen this season, Im 100% sure of it.
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