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  1. Re: oscar and james for reus thank you all for the replies. much appreciated
  2. do you think reus is worth swapping for oscar and james?
  3. Re: Who should i sell both...:D:D:D
  4. Re: Ask here for ratings help Subotic, Mata and De Gea
  5. Re: thiago silva for subo and mata i think that subotic and mata are certain for a rise. dont you? sm has to equalize subotic's rating with hummels
  6. i've been offered subotic and mata for my thiago silva... what do you think
  7. Re: Who's the best GK? Reina, Valdes, Cech Go for Joe..
  8. My GK are Buffon and De Gea and im thinking on trading De Gea for Lewandovski.. what do you reckon?
  9. Re: pedro -> hazard thanks you all.... im going for eden
  10. Re: C.ronaldo nice joke...:D:D
  11. Re: When will Neymar get a rise? when he starts to be more objective on his game and stop trying to dribble all the players from the other time... then he can move to europe and maybe get a rise:D:D:D:D
  12. should i trade pedro for hazard????
  13. Re: When will Neymar get a rise? when he moves to europe....
  14. Re: Buffon or Cech? 2012 get buffon... best gk for the last decade
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