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  1. Re: The Quiz thread.

    And secondly:

    In what other country (i.e. Not England)' date=' would you expect to see Chelsea play Arsenal in a league match?[/b']

    Ghana :D Berekum Chelsea & Berekum Arsenal :D

    I'm not sure' date=' but I think he was in an FA Cup 3rd round match.[/quote']

    Nah, it was Kuszczak against Liverpool.

  2. Re: The Quiz thread.

    It would be nice if everyone who asks a question can reply to any answers. ;)

    Here's one. How many players have played in goals for Manchester United since their legendary keeper Schmichael? It covers all competitive games' date=' cup, Europe and the league. Not meaningless games.[/quote']

    Ben Foster, van der Sar, Andy Goram, Ricardo, Barthez, Kuszczak, Howard, Roy Caroll, Bosnich, Taibi, Rachubka, van der Gouw(??), John O'Shea ( :D ), De Gea.

    Am I missed someone ?

  3. Re: Feeder

    Thanks some applications beginning to come in.

    Just to keep it fair' date=' ALL applications will be accepted together at 2am game world time.

    This should allow everybody some time to get their applications in, those that don't apply by then should hit the first transfer round if they get in quick enough after that. Otherwise all will be accepted as they come after 2am tomorrow.[/quote']

    Great as I've a job overnight today :D

  4. Re: Dulcius ex asperis **VACANCY**

    Haha are loans 'in the spirit of the game'? Coz i just stuck three in for your players.

    Yeah I was looking at the tables and Bayern seem to struggle.. the worst finishing of the top teams both seasons! Well looking at your Chelsea' date=' I don't think you have conducted a single transfer :P But yeah the bottom is fun. This should be a good challenge (and looking forward the finishing second to outdo racky and get a big prize :P:p:p nah that won't happen)

    And out of interest, what is the furthest one of the little guys have gotten in the cup or shield? Got a bye first round of the Shield and Sligo first round of the cup. These competitions I normally find so annoying when the main focus is the league[/quote']

    I've got final in the Cup before narrowly lose against Chelsea and across the cup campaign I've always fielded arguably second XI like Leitner, Damiao(when he used at 83 rated), etc :D

    But yes, don't know why I always done against Chelsea :P

  5. Re: Dulcius ex asperis **VACANCY**

    Sad to see one of top manager in the setup leave, racky. But of course we can understand your decision :)

    Enjoy playing with your Raith Rovers team, very good team u build around :D

    Anyway, season start on Sunday, hope Linfield can up on the table after 9th place finish in 2 consecutive season. Think I'd not changing my team so much, but maybe will do some transfer.

  6. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread

    On a second thought let me correct myself: we might have a dark horse challenging for the European spots. I'm talking about Académica. Their manager is young and talented (used to play for Porto' date=' he was removed from SM's database two years ago) and their squad seems pretty decent. Their start to the season was the best in the last 50 years, that ought to tell you something. :)

    Err... Sure, I love you too. :P[/quote']

    Pedro Emmanuel ? Featured in UCL, UEFA Cup, & Porto "hero" at Toyota Cup in my short memory.

  7. Re: Who's looking sharp from opening games??

    Edin Dzeko is amazing now' date='totaly diffirent player from last season ,[b']in this moment best player of the club[/b],he's improved himself for a class.

    This word is overused. David Silva is.

    Impress with Ross Barkley at his debut yesterday, also player like De Laet could get healthy rise.

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