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  1. Re: Which players Actually, it very depends on what position you needed the most, but I'd rank them: 1.Marcelo 2.Sahin 3.Ganso 4.Falcao 5.Llorente 6.Ramires 7.Albiol 8.Diego Lopez 2nd question also depends on what position you more needed, but I'd buy Mata first and Meireles/Badstuber. Charlie Adam, we must look can he break it at Liverpool XI first(remember they have very crowded CM atm like Lucas, Meireles, Gerrard, Spearing, Henderson) and of course how well he play next season, so nothing imminent about his rating now.
  2. Re: Respuesta: New Premiership Ratings By MaoaM 2010/11 Just hoping he would not get burnout, 2 consecutive long summer for him now. Personally, I'm very looking forward to see him play next season.
  3. Re: The Copa America 2011 Uruguay deserves the title more than anyone else in the tournament. Also Luis Suarez get Best Player, Sebastian Coates as Best Young Player & Justo Villar as best goalkeeper. All very deserve it And with this title, Uruguay also secure the spot for FIFA Confederations Cup 2013 as CONMEBOL representative. 5 teams already secured a place out of 8 spot available: 1.Spain World Champion 2.Japan AFC Champion 3.Mexico CONCACAF Champion 4.Uruguay CONMEBOL Champion 5.Brazil Host nation On the paper, it would be a great tournament Hoping for Germany/Holland as Euro representative and Ivory Coast as Africa representative to make it more great
  4. Re: Martinez/m'vila/hamsik/marko marin/renato augusto/ever banega I rate them: 1)Martinez 2)Hamsik 3)M'Vila 4)Banega 5)Renato Augusto
  5. Re: Gotze/Pato? You can't go wrong with both player, maybe if you really need top striker do it and get Pato.
  6. Re: Copa America 2011 Predict Peru 2-1 Venezuela(ESB) Uruguay 2-1 Paraguay(FGS = Luis Suarez)
  7. Re: Thorgan Hazard, Lucas Piazon and Samed Yesil??? Ravel Morrison just play 20/30 minutes in Carling Cup and added to DB. Just an example, I think "450 minutes rule" not longer exist
  8. Re: One Country One Team v2.0 I regret let him know the GW ID Welcome and good luck, when this GW created, the first manager doing well in 1st season, hope you can get Ghana back on track
  9. Re: Thorgan Hazard, Lucas Piazon and Samed Yesil??? When they play professional football at club level.
  10. Re: what will ronaldinho drop to? I know many manager want it
  11. Re: How long does it take for a chairman to accept an offer It usually take place 5(or 6 ?) days to accepted the deal. Like you know, the highest bid will get the player.
  12. Re: what will ronaldinho drop to? Maybe Neymar would break it at next few days Regarding Ronaldinho, I agree, he would surely end at 89 at 1/2 next review.
  13. Re: One Country One Team v2.0 Read him at WC 10000 thread, don't know about other stuff
  14. Re: what will ronaldinho drop to? Joao Miranda 90 at Brazil & Rogerio Ceni used at 90 before he drop last time.
  15. Re: One Country One Team v2.0 Gameworld ID: 56597
  16. Re: Dulcius ex asperis Chelsea 1 - 0 Linfield Salomon Kalou 16' Ah, narrow lost, pretty fair statistic, but pclark team again beat my Linfield It's like warming up for our cup final, hopefully with my win next time Before that, Xaviesta & Messi will come to Windsor Park on Sunday. Current League Position: 8th place 16-5-5-6(23-30) 20pts Current Top Scorer: 5 ~ Peniel Mlapa
  17. Re: The Regional Battle Where's the owner, resaloja ? Chelsea 0 - 2 Manchester United Theo Walcott 22', 36' Up to 3rd place with this win, Manchester Derby next. Current League Position: 3th place 4-2-1-1(6-4) 7pts Current Top Scorer: 2 ~ Theo Walcott
  18. Re: One Country One Team v2.0 Yes, you can if you really want
  19. Re: One Country One Team v2.0 Germany usually have some player to loaned out
  20. Re: Copa America 2011 Predict Peru 0-2 Uruguay(ESB) Paraguay 1-0 Venezuela(FGS = Nelson Valdez)
  21. Re: Can u beat my team of the future? Doubt it, Zieler, Trapp or ter-Stegen better than him imo. But you can keep him for a while, likely would be starting GK for Herta and with fairly low rating(85) he have big chance to rise.
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