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  1. Re: Brazilian Division 1 Risers?? I think theres 2 or 3 Brazilian prediction in league rating section, though not many 10k risers, but very plenty choice from 250'ish to 800 like Safir said.
  2. Re: De Jong or Toure? Yuph, very depends on how Malaga doing next season, their built some decent team with their signing, if you have him I'd keep him and see how Malaga doing.
  3. Re: Copa America 2011 Predict Colombia 2-0 Peru(FGS = Radamel Falcao) Argentina 1-1 Uruguay(ESB) Brazil 2-1 Paraguay Chile 1-0 Venezuela
  4. Re: Young CM talent... Brazilian league will be review in 10 days or so, spring to mind are Casemiro, 82 rated should get +2/+3. And one for the future also.
  5. Re: De Jong or Toure? I'd go for Yaya Toure aswell.
  6. Re: RB Kyle Walker ? Lukasz Piszczek, regular in Dortmund and will play in UCL next season. And for longer term maybe Martin Montoya, very impress with him when I watching Spain in Euro U21.
  7. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread Any thought on Bruno Cesar, new signing from Corinthians ? With Benfica spending money to buy Witsel and Aimar staying in the club, would you guys see this new signing get a chance in Benfica ?
  8. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I'll do it, imo goalie is the last position you must care to. Some of my team just have 89 rated goalie(Viviano & De Gea) but still in very good performance. Xavi is a very safe 97 and will significantly boost your midfield area.
  9. Re: Official Red Devils thread Fletcher still have virus ill. Surely United really need new CM. Asumming Gibson really leave, the fit CM leaving Giggs, Anderson, Carrick, and maybe Cleverley & Park(more wing though). But the question is, do United really will sign someone ? Report in Italy suggest United will try to sign Hamsik if Sneijder deal fallen through(is there really any deal ongoing for him btw ?)
  10. Re: Schweinsteiger or alonso He's play ahead 2 CB in 4-2-3-1, hardly AM, though I don't really think he's really DM. CM suit him better imo.
  11. Re: Schweinsteiger or alonso Alonso is better though you can't go wrong with both player.
  12. Re: Club Name Change Maybe in bug ticket ? Though it's not bug at all Or trying to send them an e-mail to inform this to them.
  13. Re: One Country One Team v2.0 Whatever is it they was like Tom & Jerry, fighting it out everywhere Anyway, fall asleep after work, not setting up tactics, and unfortunately unlike other setup where I get atleast draw, lost to City 1-2, unfit Ronaldo scored a goal.
  14. Re: The Future Of Football Saw him at Euro U21 and not doing too much. Maybe must waiting until next season though his goalscoring record in local league are impressive. Don't forget, he already failed with Tottenham in his early career.
  15. Re: Official Red Devils thread And apparently Fergie tell ESPN he keep read the news about Sneijder but deny the "done deal" and insist Inter not going to sell him.
  16. Re: Auction game ... I'm interested in this, though I've no idea about scoring system too
  17. Re: Which should i get? please help Hamsik of course, have a very good season with Napoli, whether he stay in Naples or going to Milan he's have good chance to rise if he can keep his performance. Can't see Augusto and Pjanic become 91+ rated player in future personally.
  18. Re: K9 Kerrison Not wanted anymore by Barca, failed in loan spell at Santos. Buy Damiao instead if available(though he just 83 rated).
  19. Re: Worldwide Football Transfers Thread - 100% Official Only Please Blimey
  20. Re: Remy? Sow? Gameiro? or Gignac? I personally rate Gameiro and Sow slightly ahead of Remy. But consider Marseille would play in next season UCL, maybe I prefer to keep him. Gameiro just move to PSG(no UCL football). Sow's team just lose out some of their best player(Gervinho, Cabaye) so not too sure how Sow will perform without Gervinho around him.
  21. Re: The Future Of Football I'd say yes. Saw him full at Euro U21, remind me a bit with Xavi, that's must say a lot
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