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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I wouldn't do it, hottest talent in football(though he's not in his best atm with Brazil), while Gerrard injury risk and on way go down at this stage of his career.
  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Tough decision, but it's fair deal, I would take it personally. You still have Cambiasso in CM while Nasri can give you bolster(+3 rating) in wing to straightly replace Turan. Sahin is great talent, but is very tough for him to get starting spot in Real, while Turan is going nowhere in Turkey imo.
  3. Re: PASTORE and KAKA for RAMOS I agree, Kaka(94) + Pastore(90) is too much for Ramos(94).
  4. Re: Young Stars Of upcoming Seasons ..
  5. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I agree too, if United sucessfully get 1 star midfielder like WS10 or Nasri, Carrick more risking to drop to the bench. SAF have faith in Fletcher too
  6. Re: pastore hummels subotic LOL, that's why this forum can be annoying
  7. David Vilos


    Re: times From my experience, the fitness will improve at 6 am game time.
  8. Re: pastore hummels subotic Don't kicking yourself if other manager cancel the deal just because he read this thread. Definetly do it.
  9. Re: should i sell tevez,if he goes to corinthians?? Tbh, I can't see Tevez going back to South America this early, many big clubs still welcome him to their club.
  10. Re: The Quiz thread. Hungary and GBR(not sure about this or Uruguay though) ?
  11. Re: Dulcius ex asperis dulcius ex asperis Cup Semifinal Linfield 3 - 1 Internazionale Milano Moritz Leitner 12', Marco van Ginkel 49', Frederik Sørensen 74' ; Sulley Ali Muntari 71' Linfield win against Inter and secured a final date with Chelsea 2 weeks from now in front of 17.512 fans in Windsor Park(1 of them is Sligo Rovers manager, Ahmad Rivai who sppoted cheering for us because he's Juventino ). Goals by German next big thing, Moritz Leitner; Holland prodigy Marco van Ginkel and Denmark future defender, Frederik Sørensen(more happy eh, Ahmad ? ). Can't wait for the final against the best team in the setup who through goal from Anelka goes to the final. Meanwhile, we must take on United at next league fixture in battle for 7th spot on Thursday.
  12. Re: Young Stars Of upcoming Seasons .. When he already playing professional football at club football, though I'm not sure Souleymane Coulibaly yet to do this with Siena, can anyone confirm this ?
  13. Re: Official Red Devils thread I get that quote from official website on yesterday press conference actually
  14. Re: Official Red Devils thread Think not Nasri he's saying as 1 of the best 4 midfielder
  15. Re: confirmed transfer He can rise, stay, or drop. It all depends on how well he impress the coach, adaptation, etc. He's great CB though, 1 of the top 5 in Serie A last season(little bit weird he's not rise to 90 in last review), so if everything is in right track, he could rise in future.
  16. Re: Jesus Navas or Luka Modric Depends on what kind of player do you want. Luka Modric is better option though.
  17. Re: Fernando Torres or Gonzalo Higuaín Higuain imo, of course my opinion judge on last season
  18. Re: Who wud be better? Either Suarez or Falcao, though personally I'd choose Suarez who already in the best league though atm Porto look like a better team. In terms of rating both have a chance to rise to 92/93, very depends on how they'll display next season(especially how Falcao perform in UCL because seems like 91 is a limit for Portuguese League).
  19. Re: How long to wait?? Maybe he just waiting if any higher/better deal will come, otherwise try to PM him and ask about the value you offer. The deal will automatically rejected if in 14 days the manager don't respond anyway. Hope that help
  20. Re: Need a goal keeper. Very depends on who available, if the name like Neuer or Hart available there you go with it. But if most of 90'ish GK already taken, you can try to sign upcoming goalie like Viviano, De Gea, Szczesny, etc.
  21. Re: The Regional Battle AC Milan 1 - 0 Manchester United Marco Borriello 38' Disappointing performance again from the British boys, must a new tactics I think for next game vs Barcelona Current League Position: 7th place 1-0-0-1(0-1) 0pts
  22. Re: One Country One Team v2.0 Glad to see many new manager comes in welcome all Are you all want scoring system in our prediction game ? If so, I would be happy to scorng it, based on SM Forum prediction rules FC Porto 1 - 2 Barcelona Miguel Veloso 24' ; Andres Iniesta 36', David Villa 65' Lost in opening match, not a good run of fixture in opening season tbh And to make it worse, Ronaldo will be missed next game through injury. Current League Position: 8th place 1-0-0-1(1-2) 0pts Current Top Scorer: 1 ~ Miguel Veloso
  23. Re: Dulcius ex asperis Linfield 1 - 0 Real Madrid Diogo Salomao 8' On a good form now, 11 points in last 5 matches and move my team up to 7th place ahead of Manchester United & Bayern Muenchen Tonght is shield semifinal against Inter, not too sure about this though, but we'll see Current League Position: 7th place 13-5-3-5(21-27) 18pts Current Top Scorer: 5 ~ Peniel Mlapa
  24. Re: U17 Thread All 3 best player award(golden, silver, & bronze ball) goes to Mexico. I'm think Samed Yesil deserved to get atleast Silver Ball :/ Golden Ball: Julio Gomez(MEX) Silver Ball: Jonathan Espericueta(MEX) Bronze Ball: Carlos Fierro(MEX)
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