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  1. Re: Thread Imrpovement I'm definetly backed this idea
  2. Re: Chivasbarcelona |Graphics| Request Thread| Mate, can you make Dortmund one with Pique, Modric, & Falcao in it ? Not important if it's PIADS or not
  3. Re: Post your Social Media Account(Twitter, Facebook, etc) here !! Thanks anyone for posted your account ! Would add you + edit the first post with forumers account immediately
  4. Re: One Country One Team v2.0 Prediction time ! Kashima Antlers 0-1 Lech Poznań Dinamo Zagreb 2-1 River Plate Lyon 0-2 Internazionale FC Porto 2-1 Barcelona Bayern München 3-1 Manchester City
  5. Re: I currently have messi in my team and his concerned for games is level 3.Help? I'm starting to wondering why he's have level 3 concern. He's 99 rated player, and previously joined best player in the game as 98. Otherwise, play him every match and when not atleast 90% fit use him as a substituse in 45/60 minutes though it will increase an injury risk.
  6. Re: One Country One Team v2.0 Welcome to the set-up slbquista, hope Standard & Santos get promotion for next season ! And anyway, wondering with 2 managers from 2nd division, would be we post a prediction game from our division only, right ?
  7. Re: One Country One Team v2.0 Ha, very unfortunate to lost on penalties mate I'm would be posting prediction too, would become interesting things.
  8. Re: Dulcius ex asperis Draw 2-2 against Valentia's Darlington, nice game mate Above München & United at the table, still have some hard fixture though & Shield semifinal in coming week.
  9. Re: One Country One Team v2.0 Seems like my chairman would be happy with another top 3 finish
  10. Re: One Country One Team v2.0 Don't worry, your team still have a lot room of improvement Nice signature, chivas Beat Kobenhavn on friendly with the team dominantly contain "cup team".
  11. Re: **Manager Wanted** Dulcius ex asperis Beat Ayr 3-1. Glad to see Ryo Miyaichi & Santiago Garcia on the scorescheet, other goal courtesy of Martin Kelly. On a par with United at table, though with worse goal difference. Would play B team against United on SMFA Shield tonight.
  12. Re: One Country One Team v2.0 Dead of setup expected though , in this kind of setup when transfers & player available are very limited we need very dedicated manager to manage the team. Personally, surprised I'm still going stay in this setup from first season and now about to entered 4th season. Hope to break top 2 finish next
  13. Re: Copa America 2011 Predict Group A Argentina 2 - 0 Bolivia (FGS = Carlos Tevez) Colombia 3 - 1 Costa Rica Argentina 1 - 1 Colombia Bolivia 1 - 0 Costa Rica (ESB) Colombia 3 - 1 Bolivia Argentina 4 - 0 Costa Rica Group B Brazil 3 - 1 Venezuela Paraguay 2 - 1 Ecuador Brazil 1 - 0 Paraguay (FGS = Robinho) Venezuela 2 - 1 Ecuador Paraguay 2 - 0 Venezuela (ESB) Brazil 3 - 0 Ecuador Group C Uruguay 2 - 0 Peru (ESB) Chile 2 - 1 Mexico Uruguay 1 - 2 Chile (FGS = Arturo Vidal) Peru 1 - 1 Mexico Chile 4 - 1 Peru Uruguay 1 - 0 Mexico
  14. Re: One Country One Team v2.0 ha ! im back to the forum now for 2nd consecutive season finished season in 3rd place, not bad considering our bad form at start congrats to Germany for the double
  15. Re: The Regional Battle I'm going back to the forum, sorry about not posting here regilarly guys ! Congrats to Madrid for get treble, and anyway litle bit dissapoint to finsihed in 5th place though Rooney get top scorer. Can't wait to start of season 2
  16. Re: **Manager Wanted** Dulcius ex asperis I'm going back to forum guys, so will posted result again Doing okay so far, sit above Muenchen in league, Shield semifinal, and unfortunately going to slow in SMFA Shield though started it briliant And anyway good run so far by Raith & Sligo
  17. Re: Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread 2010/11 Really doubt he will be move this in summer
  18. Re: Dulcius ex asperis Managed to get 2 win and 1 lost at end of season friendlies: 2-1 against Chelsea, 3-2 against Madrid, and with crazy 3-3-4 lost 1-2 to Raith Rovers 1st league match against Darlington, hope to get top 6 finish this season Good luck everyone this season
  19. Re: The Regional Battle After lost 1-3 to Milan and crazy Manchester Derby with win 5-4, we managed another win Barcelona 1 - 2 Manchester United Andres Iniesta 49' ; Wayne Rooney 4', Steven Gerrard 48' Winning another important match to makes us up to 5th place and 4 points behind the leader. Next is Tottenham League Position: 4th place 9-4-2-3(13-13) 14pts Team Top Scorer: 4 ~ Wayne Rooney, Steven Gerrard
  20. Re: One Country One Team v2.0 Little bit confused why the fixture postponed until Sunday Anyway, after defeat Inter, the Portuguese also managed to win against Barcelona 4-1 & Cluj 1-0 and put us up to 4th place, 4 points behind the leader Away to Ukraine on Sunday.
  21. Re: SM Predict Season 6 Week 40, Final Week! Saturday, 21 May 2011 Montpellier 1-1 Monaco Flamengo 2-0 Avai Akademic Sofia 0-3 Levski Sofia(ESB) Standard Lierge 2-1 Westerlo Sunday, 22 May 2011 Wolves 2-2 Blackburn Lecce 0-2 Lazio Roda JC 1-2 ADO Den Hag Malaga 0-1 Barcelona(FGS = Thiago Alcantara) I'd sign up all competition apart from Gamblers anonymous one.
  22. Re: SM Predict Season 6 Week 39 Saturday, 14 May 2011 FC Kaiserslautern 1-1 Werder Bremen Lazio 2-1 Genoa Braga 1-1 Sporting Standard Liege 0-2 Anderlecht Sunday, 15 May 2011 Wigan 2-1 West Ham(ESB) Sevilla 2-0 Real Sociedad Napoli 1-3 Inter Milan Lorient 2-1 Marseille(FGS = Morgan Amalfitano) This thread would help you to the scoring system.
  23. Re: Dulcius ex asperis Linfield 1 - 4 Real Madrid Francesco Della Rocca 26' ; Emmanuel Adebayor 6', 26', Pepe 8', Gonzalo Higuain 23' Another lost, bu not too complain as we're finishing a season higher than 1 of the big boys So, what kind of price can we expect now ? Final League Position: 8th place 22-6-6-10(31-39) 24pts Season Team Top Scorer: 6 ~ Peniel Mlapa Our high moment this season is when we can beat Manchester United 3-0 at Windsor Park, while our lowest moment when we can't get a win in last 6 matches which cost us a lot 6th place finish. Looking forwrd for the 2nd season with maybe some new players coming in
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