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  1. Re: The Regional Battle Manchester United 0 - 1 Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo 14'pen ha ! 2 consecutive lost, look like bad now In 7th place, 4 points behind the leaders. League Position: 7th place 6-2-2-2(5-5) 8pts Team Top Scorer: 3 ~ Wayne Rooney
  2. Re: One Country One Team v2.0 FC Porto 4 - 2 Internazionale Milano Cristiano Ronaldo 34', 39', Liedson 58', Bruno Alves 73' ; Alberto Gilardino 5'pen, 84' Nice win against Italy, and now climb up to 5th place Next opponent Cluj at Romania. League Position: 5th place 8-4-0-4(14-16) 12pts Team Top Scorer: 7 ~ Cristiano Ronaldo
  3. Re: Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread 2010/11
  4. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2010/2011 (III) he's played well across the season, but his club not too convince to give him a rise imo. And I don't think Dortmund will sell Götze, they stated not sell Götze at any price and they will use Sahin's transfer money to improve contract on other key players, and I think Götze smart enough not to move abroad too early at this very young age, Champions League regular with Dortmund would be a very priceless experience for him(also I don't think Nasri will move anyway)
  5. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2010/2011 (III) Look at the 1st post on this thread, all predictions up there. Anyway Phil, who's more likely to replace Sahin if Klöpp still use 4-2-3-1, da Silva or Kehl get back his starting spot ? Gündogan I see more likely to replace Großkreutz as a more skillfull player right ? Never hear him as a CM before.
  6. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2010/2011 (III) :eek: Don't know if Phil will bother to answer this. Or maybe this is the answer: Probably both will -10, unless you're look at better predictor in the first page
  7. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions Guess not any, the season not started yet and now just state championship which I doubt SM will give much credit on that
  8. Re: Dulcius ex asperis Manchester United 3 - 2 Linfield Wayne Rooney 9', Dimitar Berbatov 32', 49' ; Tomasz Kupisz 47', Diogo Salomao 81' Tight match at Old Trafford, unfortunately we are in the lost side Sit in 7th place now with last match at home against Madrid. Positive note is: we will not get the bottom 3 finish, delighted with that League Position: 7th place 21-6-6-9(30-35) 24pts Team Top Scorer: 6 ~ Peniel Mlapa
  9. Re: One Country One Team v2.0 Bayern Muenchen 5 - 1 FC Porto Miroslav Klose 25', 71', 73', Mario Gomez 39'pen, 59' ; Luis Nani 11' Hah, another very bad run from the Portuguese cost us the game, although forgot to do a tactics, it's not an excuse. Next up CSKA in the cup. League Position: 6th place 6-3-0-4(10-14) 9pts Team Top Scorer: 5 ~ Cristiano Ronaldo
  10. Re: The Regional Battle Chelsea 2 - 1 Manchester United Benoit Assou-Ekotto 17', Michael Essien 79' ; Wayne Rooney 21' Nah, another bad performance from the lads with Aaron Lennon sent off because time wasting Down to 6th place with Madrid coming up next. League Position: 6th place 5-2-2-1(5-4) 8pts Team Top Scorer: 3 ~ Wayne Rooney Will buy Jagielka, Cahill, and maybe Agbonlahor as a backup soon
  11. Re: The Regional Battle Ha ! Finally bid for Rafael has come in Will be able to get 2 players with the money now
  12. Re: SM Predict Season 6 Week 38 Saturday 7th May: Sutjeska 1-1 Mladost 069 Podgorica Torpedo Moskow 2-0 Zhemchuzhina Sochi (ESB) AS Roma 0-2 AC Milan Nancy 1-2 Lille Sunday 8th May: River Plate 2-0 All Boys (FGS = Erik Lamela) Man Utd 2-1 Chelsea WIT Georgia 2-1 Sp. Tskhinvali KR Reykjavik 1-1 Keflavik
  13. Re: Official Red Devils thread Ajose just back from loan for a while and will return to Bury this weekend, he played around 60 minutes yesterday, longer than expected before. And originally he was just starting at bench, but starter lately because injury problem for one player I think
  14. Re: UEFA Europa League 2010/2011 Congratulations for Portugal Looking forward for the interesting Final now. Anyway, surely the UEL semifinal is better to watching rather than UCL semifinal (especially if you're neutral fans)
  15. Re: The Regional Battle Manchester United 0 - 0 Internazionale Milano Not good performance from the lads, but still happy to get a point although it makes us down to 4th place, Facing Chelsea next on Sunday, like in real football League Position: 4th place 4-2-2-0(4-2) 8pts Team Top Scorer: 2 ~ Wayne Rooney Anyway on a late report, our B team plus some A like Rooney suffered a 2-3 defeat against Bayern in 1st round of the cup. Wesley Brown & Andy Carroll makes us lead 2 goals but Bayern get the comeback with their 3 goals. Not too dissaponted as I see Ravel Morrison get an assist
  16. Re: One Country One Team v2.0 Manchester City 2 - 1 FC Porto Steven Gerrard 25', 36' ; Liedson 22' Ah, another lost, look like will be tough season for the Portuegese Next up is Germany. League Position: 6th place 6-3-0-3(9-9) 9pts Team Top Scorer: 5 ~ Cristiano Ronaldo On a late report, we advanced to the Cup 3rd round after 2-1 away win against Austria thanks to goals from Ruben Micael & Hugo Almeida Will facing CSKA Moskva at home in next round.
  17. Re: Reserve/Youth League I think the idea for reserve/youth league is good. But I disagree is player who played in just reserve league every week and never be played in the first team can prevented him to get concerns. It's just be advantaged the player hogger easier, they just playing David Luiz for example in reserve team and never in first team because they've the likes of Pique, Puyol, Vidic, and Lucio. So if it is introduced into the game, it's shouldn't affected anything on concerns.
  18. Re: Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread 2010/11 For anyone interested, this is interesting article about Lukasz Piszczek and his corruption case some years ago http://www.schwatzgelb.de/2011_05_03-guest_autors_the_hardest_choice.html
  19. Re: Eredivisie Discussion Thread I'm personally can't wait to watch a final game. It's like the real final ! Twente in pole position, but if they lost they even can't get the UCL spot next season. Very interesting.
  20. Re: One Country One Team v2.0 Little bit late to post the result, so here we go FC Piorto 3 - 1 River Plate Fabio Coentrao 8', Cristiano Ronaldo 16', 28' ; Javier Saviola 82' Nice performance from the boys though we still in 6th place Tonight is cup game at Austria. League Position: 6th place 5-3-0-2(8-7) 9pts Team Top Scorer: 5 ~ Cristiano Ronaldo
  21. Re: Dulcius ex asperis Linfield 0 - 0 Bayern Muenchen Ah, 3rd consecutive draw and makes us failed again to get above them 3 remaining fixture is Ayr, Madrid and Man. United, little bit hard to get top 6 now. Still trying though League Position: 9th place 19-6-5-8(27-31) 23pts Team Top Scorer: 6 ~ Peniel Mlapa
  22. Re: The Regional Battle Bargain :eek: Anyway' date=' late to post the result [b'] Bayern Muenchen 0 - 1 Manchester United Ryan Giggs 68' [/b] Nice win from the Germany and the rest Ryan Giggs scoring the only goal in a match we also win on statistics. Up to 2nd place behind Inter. Next up Bayern again in the cup, time for a youngster then League Position: 2th place 3-2-1-0(4-2) 7pts Team Top Scorer: 2 ~ Wayne Rooney And anyway after sell Vidic to Man. City, Aaron Lennon on his way to Manchester.
  23. Re: Osama Bin Laden is Dead...! Burn him in hell ! But are the terror will stop because he die ? Don't think so.
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