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  1. Who will be the new manager of The Kop ? And why you choose him ?
  2. Re: Respuesta: POLL : World Cup Flop ???
  3. Re: POLL : World Cup Flop ??? I doubt it will be care of majority people because he is a honduran , but Wilson Palacios in an injury scare too ..
  4. Re: Whould this be cheating??? Yeah , you're right mate , is now moral talk. =D
  5. The first ever World Cup in Africa is unlikely to loss their best stars because injury or not make a cut to the national squad , do u think this year world cup will be a flop without the best stars that I will be mention below , or it will be a great chance to raising a new star{like Kroos , Mueller , Ninis , or another} ? This player will be missed out of South Africa 2010 : *France : Lassana Diarra *Argentina : Javier Zanetti , Esteban Cambiasso , & maybe Diego Milito{injury} *Nigeria: John Obi Mikel *England :Rio Ferdinand , David Beckham , Theo Walcott *Algeria : Mourad Meghni *Germany : Rene Adler , Michael Ballack , Heiko Westermann *Netherlands : Arjen Robben{maybe} *Italy : Andrea Pirlo{injury problem & maybe missed out} *Brazil : Ronaldinho *Cote d'Ivoire : Didier Drogba{maybe missed out because injury} *Chile : Humberto Suazo{maybe}
  6. Re: Help - possible changes? yeah , in fact I'm not juve fans ..lol but for playmaker i think italy have a better risers player than marchisio. but i have marchisio in my setup team alongside with giovinco , another bright talent but flop with juve ..hahaha
  7. Re: Help - possible changes? This my opinion : ~Gamberini : don't make the squad to the World Cup prove he has a bad season , he will decrease into 90 or 89 I think. ~Vargas : I don't agree with ur statement he have a poor season , he perform average this season , so the rating is keep on 91. ~Vermaelen : maybe in the future he can become the highly rated defender on 94 or 95 , but , now he will only get 1 or 2 rating increase. ~Eboue : keep in 89 I think. ~Marchisio : he is the 1st choice in Lippi starting XI in playmaker , but in fact , I think he's not great this season , keep on 90 I think , but he had a bright future if Juve can perform well. ~Vucinic : Great season , keep on 91 or next to 92 I hope. ~Misimovic : I'm not Bundesliga fan , but I think he will stagnan in 90. ~Fellaini : he's the great talent of Belgian talent , unfortunately he is injury last season , keep in 90. ~G.Castro : I think his rate can move up if he move to the bigger club & perform well , in this term increase 1 rating is good for him. ~Arteta : I like this player & always put him in my starting XI , i hope he can move up. That's all can I do , sorry if my analysis is not good n wrong ..hahaha
  8. Since new update to SM site , i cannot be used the search or player advance search tools , everytime i'm fill the player name , it always bring me into the transfer list page .. I love the new improvement at SM site , especially match preview n SMFA Competition at Standart & Custom Game World , but the problem i have is annoyed for people who browse n play SM in mobile phone like me ..
  9. Re: The 'new look' SM Bugs & Issues I usually often browse SM site at my mobile phone , but now the tool search in transfer section cannot be used , i'm verry dissapointed with this ..
  10. Re: The 'new look' SM Bugs & Issues The match time is 30 minutes again , and I cannot submit substitute player .. i love new improvement at preview ..
  11. Re: Player Concerns I'm have problem with this , I have Diego Milito in my squad , when I'm takeover Tottenham , his have a level 2 concerns because lack of game , in my charge , I always put him in my starting line up , but why his concerns is increase in level 3 ? anyone can help me ?
  12. Re: stop stupid counter offers that chairman wouldnt allow yes , i have same problem too .. Me in WC 552 with Manchester United , and i'm make an offer for Munich defender , Demichelis for 15m , but the stupid manager have asked a counter offer of David Villa and 30m .. What a stupid manager ..
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